Walter Skinner
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Walter Skinner

F.B.I. Personnel Records
Level 7 Security Clearance only.

Skinner, Walter Sergai

Current Satus: Assistant Director of the F.B.I.

Badge or ID Number: (Unknown)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Weight: -

Distinguishing Marks: None

Date of Birth: ??/??/50?

Place of Birth: (Unknown)

Marital Satus/Dependents: Married/No known dependants

Current Residence: (unknown)

Parents: (Unknown)

Wife: Sharon Skinner

Weapons Status: Certified ranking in small firearms as well as rifle. Currently carries F.B.I. issue Smith and Wesson 1056

Work History: 1968- Joined the US Marine Corps

1969- Sole survivor of an enemy ambush. Recipient of the Purple Heart.

Joined the FBI (dates and records classified)

Notes: 1994- Investigates charges that an agent under his command harrassed and later assaulted probationary Eugene Victor Tooms. Charges are dropped against said agent.

1994- Shuts down the X-Files division under orders from 'above'

1994- Asisstant Director Skinner repeatedly assigns Special Agent Mulder to X-File type cases, even though the division is closed.

1994- Investigates the abduction of Special Agent Dana Scully and the alleged Insubordination of Agent Fox Mulder. Investigation into the death of Duane Barry while in Federal Custody. Agent Alex Krychek remains wanted for questioning in these matters. Asisstant Director Skinner reopens the X-Files Division on his own authority.

1994- May have leaked sensitive information to Special Agent Mulder pertaining to the whereabouts of a certain highly placed individual

1995- Asisstant Director Skinner requisitions FBI Sharp Shooters to aid in a Hostage crisis on the request of Special Agent Fox Mulder.

1995- Asisstant Director Skinner gains information through 'unofficial channels' pertaining to the possible location of missing Agent Fox Mulder.

1995- Orders Special Agents Mulder and Scully to not push on a case involving the CDC. Issues a warning to said agents.

1995- May have been involved in a case involving materials vital to National Security. Was believed to have been in possession of said materials. Issued an ultimatum based on contents of said materials to facilitate reinstatement of Agent's Mulder and Scully.

1996- Shot and wounded by Louis Cardinal in a Georgetown diner. Shooting may have been linked to the investigation into the murder of Melissa Scully. Second attempt is made on the Asisstant Director's life, but is foiled by Special Agent Dana Scully.

1996- Suspect in the murder of D.C. Prostitute. Suspect in the hit and run accident involving Sharon Skinner. Charges brought before the Office of Professional Conduct. A.D. Skinner suspended.

1996- Previous charges dropped and Asisstant Director Skinner is reinstated.

In Case of Emergency/Next of Kin: Contact Sharon Skinner (Wife)

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