Dana Scully
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Dana Scully

F.B.I. Personnel Records
Level 5 Security Clearance only

Scully, Dana Katherine

Current Satus: Special Agent /Forensic Pathologist

Badge or ID Number: 2317-616

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Weight: -

Distinguishing Marks: Oerboros tatoo on lower left back

Date of Birth: 02/23/64

Place of Birth: (Unknown)

Marital Satus/Dependents: Single/No Dependents

Current Residence: 3170 W. 53 Rd. #35

Annapolis, MD

Phone: (202) 555- 6431

E-mail: D_Scully@FBI.gov

Parents: Capt. William Scully (Navy) -Deceased

Margeret Scully

(Address Unknown)

Baltimore, MD

Siblings: Older Brother William Scully Jr.

Older Sister Melissa Scully - Deceased

Younger Brother Charles Scully

Weapons Status: Certified ranking in small firearms. Currently carries F.B.I. issue Smith and Wesson 1056

Education: B.S. Physics, University of MD. 1986

Medical degree (Unknown)

Residency in Forensic Pathology. 1988

Quantico F.B .I. Trainign Acadamy. 1990

Work History:

1990- Joins FBI after completeing residency in Forensic Pathology. Teaching position at Quantico.

1992- Assigned to the X-Files Section.

1994- Reassigned to Teaching Forensic Pathology at Quantico

1994- Reassigned to X-Files Devision.


1990- Assigned teaching duties at Quantico.

1992- Assigned as Field Agent to X-Files Section as a Partner for Special Agent Fox Mulder. Special Agent Scully to report directly to administration. Orders signed by Section Chief Scott Blevins.

1994- Reassigned to Quantico. Fears Agent Scully may not be as unbiased as hoped. Charges of unauthorised and unsanctioned investigations being looked into.

1994(May) - Special Agent Dana Scully kidnapped by fugitive Duane Barry. Duane Barry dies under F.B.I. arrest. Special Agent Fox Mulder cleared of charges. Special Agent Alex Krychek sought for questioning. Agent Scully is officially missing.

1994(August) - Special Agent Dana Scully found in Critical condition in Georgetown University Hospital's ICU. No record or witnesses on how she was admitted. Makes full recovery and when she returns to duty it is to be reassigned to the X-Files Division. (Agent Scully maintains she has no memory of the time she was missing.)

1995- Agent Scully does not attend a meeting she is summoned to in regaurds to charges brought against Special Agent Fox Mulder by Assisstant Director Walter Skinner. Both Agents Scully and Mulder are unavailable.

1995- Agent Scully is suspended pending a hearing investigating her conduct and the alleged possession of classified documents. She has reported that she has shot and wounded her partner while he was suffering drug induced dementia. Investigation into this incident will be conducted.

1995- Special Agent Scully is returned to full duties. All charges dropped. Her admitted shooting of Special Agent Fox Mulder was deemed necissary and justifiable. No charges pressed.

1995- Note attached to record. Special Agent Dana Scully has acted Above and Beyond the Call of duty in her efforts in the Cardinal Case. Her actions in this case foiled an assassination attempt on Asisstant Director Walter Skinner.

1995- Charges that Special Agent Scully, with her partner Special Agent Fox Mulder, were detained after trasspassing on Government property under military jurisdiction are dropped.

1996- Agent Scully is summoned before Congress along with Agent Mulder and Assistant Director Skinner in regaurds to an incident involving a diplomatic pouch and the death of it's courier. Agent Mulder does not attend. Agent Scully is held in contempt of Congress for refusing to disclose Agent Mulder's location. Charges dropped when Agent Mulder attends a latter meeting.

In Case of Emergency/Next of Kin: Margeret Scully (Mother)

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