Fox Mulder
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Fox Mulder

F.B.I. Personnel Records
Level 5 Security Clearance only.

Mulder, Fox William

Current Status: Department Head X-Files Devision, Rank- Special Agent

Badge or ID Number: JTT047101111

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 6 foot 1 inchs

Weight: 170 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks: Mole on right cheek

Date of Birth: 10/13/61

Place of Birth: Chilmark, MA

Marital Satus/Dependents: Single/No Dependants

Current Residence: 2630 Hegal Place (according to Small Potatos)

Apt. # 42

Alexandria, VA 23242

Telephone: (202) 555-9355


Parents: William Mulder ( deceased) - Gov. Records Classified Level 10 clearance required

Mother's name Unknown

2790 Vine Street

Chilmark, MA

Siblings: Samantha Ann Mulder 11/11/65 (See X-File X-42053) (According to the file in "PaperClip")


A.B. in Psychology - Oxford University 1982

F.B.I. Training Academy, Quantico 1984

Weapons Status: Certified with high ranking in all firearms. Currently carries F.B.I. issue Smith and Wesson 1056 and personal Sig Sauer 226

Work History: 1986-Completed Psychology Residency

1986-Assigned Violent Crimes Section, Behavioral Sciences

1991-Assigned X-Files, Field Agent

1994(May)-Assigned Intellegence Division, Communications

1994(November)-Reassigned X-Files, Department Head/Field Agent

Notes: 1988- While under the supervision of ASAIC Reginald Purdue, Special Agent Mulder has distinguished himself in the pursuit of bank robber John Barnett

1990- A notion of Agent Mulder's exemplary service in creating the profile that ended the Monty Props Case is made to this file.

1991- With the consent of his superiors Agent Mulder has requested to investigate some previously unsolved cases.

1992- Agent Mulder has been assigned a partner. Special Agent Dana Scully. She will report directly to administration.

1993- A hearing is called by Section Chief Joseph McGrath of the Office of Professional Conduct after Agent Mulder allegedly trasspassed on a crime scene under military jurisdiction, interfeared with a military operation and impeded an investigation. All charges were subsequently dropped.

1994- Assistant Director Walter Skinner investigated the charges that Agent Mulder was harrassing probationary prisoner Eugene Victor Tooms. Assault charges were filed. Later dropped after Mr. Tooms' death in an industrial accident.

1994- AD Walter Skinner officially shut down the X-Files division after looking into some of Agent Mulder's unorthodox investigations. Both Agents Mulder and Scully are reassigned.

1994- Agent Mulder is assigned Special Agent Alex Krychek as a partner.

1994(May)- Agent Mulder is investigated in the death of fugitive Duane Barry after Mr. Barry allegedly kidnapped Agent Mulder's former partner Special Agent Dana Scully. No charges were Filed. Agent Scully remains missing. Special Agent Alex Krychek did not appear for his own hearing in this case. Agent Krychek remains missing and is wanted for questioning in Agent Scully's dissapearence.

1994- Following the abduction of Agent Scully Assistant Director Walter Skinner reopens the X-Files Division. This division is no longer under the offices of the VCS. Agent Mulder is to report directly to AD Skinner from this point on.

1994(August)- Three Months after her abduction Agent Scully was found at a D.C. Hospital. On her recovery Agent Scully has been reassigned to the X-Files Division.

1995- Assistant Director Skinner requests a hearing for Agent Mulder with the Office of Professional Conduct alleging an unprovoked physical assault on his person by Agent Mulder. Agent Mulder does not attend the requested meeting. The following day Agent Mulder's father is murdered in his West Tisbury home. Agent Mulder is wanted for questioning in this incident as well.

1995- Agent Mulder presumed dead involving a unsanctioned, unorthadox investigation. It is presumed that Agent Mulder was in possessiopn of sensitive documents at the time of his death.

1995- Reports of Agent Mulder's death appear to be greatly exadurated. Agent Mulder returns to work. Assault charges are dropped by Assistant Director Skinner, siting extenuating circumstances.

1996- Agent Mulder charges his former instructer Agent William Patterson with murder. Agent Patterson is found to be criminally insane and sentenced to a phychiatric facility.

1996- Agents Mulder and Scully are charged with trasspassing on Military property after being caught inside a series of abandond Missle Silos. Charges are dropped.

In Case of Emergency/Next of Kin: Contact Special Agent Dana Scully. (202) 555- 6431

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