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Trapdoor Sounds!

I'm afraid none of these sounds work anymore. Sorry for the incoveiniance....I will try to get them fixed at some point.

Oh globbits!

Now thats perculiar.

Ah,my normal handsome self

Wheres my guttbucket?

Oh I say!

Come 'ere you beubo!

A Drutt noise

Oh look..hes got a little hole...


Well done Thort... rude!

Burk,I've got a cold....

Poor old Boni...

The moral of this story is...

Horrible gobby lump

...Needs his eyes testing...

Burk!Hurry up!

That wasn't funny

Many thanks to James Taylor for these new ones!

The end theme song!

Oh stop moaning

Burk!Wheres my breakfast?

Many thanks to Shane Grogan for these below!

It's bonking time...


Feed me!

Sniff that!