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Here are some quotes from the episodes....

“Poor old Boni.He hasn’t been the same since his brain fell out!” -Berk

“Ello.My names Rogg!” -Roggs first words to Berk.

“Doesn’t Boni talk a lot?You don’t say much though do you.” -Rogg to Berk as he's sat on top of him...flattening him compleatly.

“Ain’t nature wonderfull!” -Berk as lot's of baby monsters explode into a yellow gunk.

“I like Berk.He’s my friend.” -Rogg

“I think I love them!” -Rogg on seeing Drutt's babies.

“It’s purple pimple popping time!” -Berk

“Globbits!” -Berks famous catchphrase.

“oh...how rude!” -Boni

“Where’s my guttbucket?!” -Berk

“Poor old Boni.Need his eyes testing.....I wonder where they are?” -Berk

“Silly small yellow lumps.I’ll feed ‘em to the glurbs!” -Berk threatening Beubo.

“It’s big and black with 1,2,3,4...oooo lot’s of legs!” -Berk

“Oooooh dear.it’s vanishified!” -Berk

“Ello Boni.Lets go out and play.” -Rogg

“Orrible green gobby lump!Oh,I wish He’d use a hankicheif.” -Berk

“It’s bonking time!I love’s a bit of bonking!!!” -Berk. (erm,it means hitting on the head....not the other,um....meaning.)

“Oh look.He’s got a little ‘ole in the top of his head!” -Berk about the yellow Beubo

Boni:Berks a nice chap really.He’s very fond of me.
Berk:Where’s that stupid skull gone.Useless lump of bone.

“It’s that big pink thing again.” - Boni about Rogg

“What I need now is some old utensil to bash me pankcake flat with.I know,I use Boni while he’s asleep.” -Berk

“A jokes a joke but this goes some way beyond the realms of light entertainment!” -Berk

“Cor,sniff that!” -Berk.

“Who ever saw an onion with a beak?” -Berk about Thort

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