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The Characters!

'Ello.My names Rogg!"


The overworked servant of the thing upstairs.It’s berks job to keep his master happy....mostly well fed with worm and slug pies and other such delights.His other chores include housework and unblocking the sinks.Even making potions to cure the Things rather unpleasant illnesses or giving him a slime bath!To make up for this Berk likes to go on the odd holiday...usually fishing at the slime lake in the woods. There is one thing absoloute rule that Berk is NEVER supposed to break.And that is not to open the trapdoor....does he obey this rule?Erm,no...or else there wouldn’t be much to watch!Often leaving the trapdoor open causes endless trouble for Berk the various creatures that lurk below rear thier ugly heads though it!


Berk’s best friend....a wise old skull who lives in the hole in the celler wall.Long suffering Boni has put up with Berk and his “leave the trapdoor open all the time” type behaviour for many years.It’s usually poor old Boni who gets the worst deal when something comes out to say hello.He’s been sucked up,thrown about,splatted in slime and knocked over countles times over the years! Boni is quite usefull to Berk.He serves well as a candle holder,shelve supporter and even a battering device to prod food!Still, Boni is very fond of Berk and feels that he’s looked after him and saved him from monsters that he couldn’t have handled alone.Another thing Boni likes to do is moan on and on and Berk often reminds him.


Berks mischievous and unhelpfull pest of a pet.Always getting under Berks feet as he’s trying to feed the thing upstairs.Add to that the fact that Drutt is a sucker for the worms that live in the trapdoor and you have something thats bound to cause trouble.Drutt is just a blob as far as I can tell!With spider type legs and a squeak for a voice.Even though Drutt gets in the way...Berk and Boni lurve him really! Later on in the programs Drutt has 4 babies.Very weird seen as he’s a boy!That just leaves one question...who’s the mother?Hmmm....

The Thing Upstairs

This dark and mysterios monster is berks master.We never see him but he’s often descibing by some very...erm, endearing terms by Berk.The thing is very bad tempered and constantly hungry.He also has a terrible fear of “flying thingys” which make him come out in purple pimples.......which Berk has to promptly pop.Lovely.


Rogg is one of the more friendly monsters living beneath the trapdoor.He’s a big softie at heart...even though he’s a bit,well....thick!He first came put of the trapdoor to join Berk on a fishing trip (he likes fishing too,aparrantly!) and he now considers himself Berks best mate!He comes up to see them on other occasions sometimes too.


The masters prize winning insect-eating plant.The Thing loves his little garden...all of whch are live monster flowers.Thort is the biggest one of the lot and the masters fave!He too has a big appitite and would gladly eat insect pests all day!