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Burning MUD... have you explored every corner of it? :P

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January '99

BMT Features:
Even more articles, stories and editorials written by the players of Burning MUD! :)

Welcome to Burning MUD 1999!
You see before you, the 4th issue of the Burning MUD Times. :) Many many huge thanks to everyone who has helped and contributed to this project so far, you rock too much :)

Burning MUD sure has come a long way... expect to see a large amount of zones added sometime in the very near future :). As well, check out the Quest News for information on the new Pit Tournaments that are being organized! Unfortunately, there is no news on animists being available anytime soon. This isn't a rumour, it's the truth ;(... but in the meanwhile, enjoy mudding and maybe even contribute something to BMT yourself :). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, just click on the feedback link at the bottom of the screen or talk with Amaranth or Coyote on the MUD.

The Well is an unforgiving place but many great treasures and adventures lie within...
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