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  1. What is a Quest-A-Thon?
  2. How do I join it?
  3. What quests are there?
  4. Who is this QuestBOT guy?

1. What is A Quest A Thon?
A Quest A Thon is a series of quests (about 10-15) which are run in
a single day. You can gain a certain number of points from each
quest that you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in, and possibly win
one of the overall prizes at the end. Each individual quest will also
award prizes to the winner.
2. How do I join it?
Its quite simple to join - all you have to do is mudmail Rafo saying
that you wish to participate in the QuestAThon. In general, most
of the quests will be playable by 40/50+ multies, but some can be
played by the lower levels.
3. What Quests Are There?
We have many different types of quests, and are always looking for more
to add to the play-list. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions
please contact Rafo, Rengrave, Sin, or Bump.

Lemmings is the classical game of hit as many DT's as possible in
a given amount of time.

Scalp Hunt
Your mission is to find as many mobs as possible who match a given
description, kill them, and then scalp them. 

Find The Imm
An invis immortal will hide in a room in the MUD, and players will have
to search for him. The immortal in hiding will give out clues to
his whearabouts.

Hide And Seek
This is a Find The Imm of a different type; the players are in charge.
3-4 mortals will hide, and a Quest Leader will split the remaining 
mortals into groups of 3/4. These groups will then proceed to try and
find the hidden mortals. A Quest Master (also a mort) will give out

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter eggs will be scattered about the MUD, and it will be up to you to
find them. The person with the most eggs after a given time will win.

A MUD trivia contest where players are given a choice of MUD related
questions of different point values. There are usually two rounds
with questions where players may wager points based on confidence.

Capture The Flag (CTF)
CTF has also been called arena rugby. A flag will be placed in the
middle of the arena, and two teams compete to get the flag to the
other's base.

A MUD knowledge contest where questers are given a different category
every 30 seconds. Participants must think of something that fits within
the given category while trying not to think of the same answer as
somebody else.

Mug The Mob
A mob with a few pieces of eq will be placed somewhere in the MUD, and
it is up to you to find and kill this mob, gaining his eq. Clues will
be given by the immortal running the quest.

Total Carnage
Description forthcoming. (Ask Silvara!)

Participating players will be placed in an extremely high level
aggressive area. Last one alive in the zone wins.

Arena Tournament
2 on 2 arena fighting! A knock-out tournament.

Certain rooms are designated as "tourist sites" every other tick.
Tourists must try and find a room in the mud that matches the site
description given as quickly as possible. Souvenirs (prizes) are
given out to the tourist who manages to visit the most sites.

Like Tourism except that certain mobs are designated as "escaped
convicts" every other tick. Hunters must try and find a mob in the
mud that matches the criminal description given as quickly as
possible. Bounties (prizes) are given out to the hunter who manages
to capture the most fugitives.

Food Drive
People try to collect as much food as possible for starving citizens
in famine stricken cities within a given time period. Food collected
may be judged by number or by weight.
4. Who is this QuestBOT guy?
QuestBOT is a character which helps the immortals run quests and
give results to the players.

As of QB V1.2 you can tell him the following commands:

This command will give you the status of the current quest - What it is
and when it will start.

This will give a listing of the quests which will be played, and what
time they are on at. Usually, this will only be available on the day of
the Quest-A-Thon.

This will give a list of all the valid quests.

Substitute quest_name with the name of a quest and QuestBOT will give
you a description of it.

This will show who came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (if applicable) in the last

This will give a list of all points players currently have.

This will show the people who are able to use QuestBOTs admin commands.

This will detail all new features and improvements to QuestBOT.

This will tell you QuestBOTs current version. It is currently V1.2

You may "tell questbot idea: <your_idea>" to add your comments or
suggestions about QuestBOT.

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