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     Player's Choice Awards     

     Welcome to the First Annual Player's Choice Awards!  There are two parts to the Player's
Choice Awards - first is the nomination of players, and second is the voting of these nominees.
This month you will be nominating players who you think best fits the described categories
below.  Please read the following carefully.
     There are a few rules and instructions before you start...  This is NOT a popularity
contest.  Please do not vote for your friend's characters simply because they are your friends;
think of yourself as your character, the drow magician or whatever you are... and who you want
to vote for according to who they are (the female troll fighter...).  Yes, this is a Player's
Choice Awards, meaning you guys decide who you want to nominate, who you want to vote for, and
who you want to win, but it must be fair and the categories must be open to all players
regardless of level, race, sex, etc... 
     You can nominate a character by mudmailing me (Amaranth) with the category and the nominee
name.  (Please do not email me with nominees as I cannot keep track of who your player is
through emails.) You cannot nominate yourself or any one of your own characters.  I will take
all nominees and we will have a voting in the second round of Player's Choice Awards next
month.  Pick carefully!
     Lastly, I'd like to say thanks to Beerwulf, the Founder of the Player's Choice Awards!  I
hope everyone has fun and if there are any questions or comments, feel free to email or mudmail
Best Looking (M) Best Looking (F) Best Dressed (M) [KEY] Best Dressed (F) M = Male Category Best Leader (M) F = Female Category Best Leader (F) M/F = Male or Female Category Best Hairdo (M) I = Immortal Only Category Best Hairdo (F) P = Player Only Category Best Title (M/F) Worst at Spelling (M/F) Best Afk Bot (M/F) Goofiest (M) Goofiest (F) Most AFK Player (M/F/P) Most AFK Immortal (M/F/I) Most Gullible Immortal (M/F/I) Friendliest Immortal (M/F/I) Player with Multiple-Personalities (M/F) Player who can Kick Butt in Arena (M/F/P)

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