Did you know

Here are some interesting facts about Buffy or the cast that maybe you didn't know, or maybe you did, well just check em out

1: Charisma Carpenter's first kiss was in the third grade behind a chair in class during a movie,when the lights went off. She was boy crazy , and loved the idea of being in love and having a boyfriend, they looked at each other, and then just kissed. She didn't run away because she liked it

2: Nicholas Brendon's first kiss was when he was 14 with a girl named Joanna. They were going steady and she tongued him

3: Charisma Carpenter wasn't popular in school but she was a cheerleader and everyone knew her. Her high school sweetie was not popular either, he kept to himself and he had a brooding smart thing going on

4: Nicholas Brendon has a twin brother Kelly who he always looks for advice on women

5: Nicholas Brendon was dating an actress Wendy Thomson who he had met at a softball game

6: Charisma's first love was a boy named Danny, she had her first love when she was eleven years old who then dumped her for a girl named Brandy who would put out

7: Charisma Carpenter says about Nicholas Brendon "It's hard kissing someone you're not in love with but I love Nicky. He's my buddy. But, kissings intimate."

8: David Boreanaz is Italian and Czech

9: When David was a kid he got caught playing with Roman candles in the cemetaries all the time

10: David Boreanaz really is into Jazz and Blues

11: David boreanaz is a junk food addict

12: David's best friend on the show is Nicky who is known to you all as Xander

13: David was on the football team in his high school years and he was pretty much a geek

14: Sarah Michelle gellar was also a geek in high school,she never got below an A- which isn't the geeky part because being smart is cool, but she was so into her studies and she has said that she was basically punished for being smart and not going to the parties and sleepovers and going on auditions instead

15: Sarah went to the emmies and her prom on the same night,and caught the end party at her prom

16: Sarah is really a brunette not a blond she first dyed her hair blonde for the part of Buffy Summers(Which I think you all know by now)

17: Sarah was rumored and possible did go out with Jerry o'connell. He did in fact have a crush on her definetly, and Jen(love)Hewitt got them set up

18: Anthony stewart head is great friends with the cast despite his age difference.He is actually so non giles off the set hanging out with them and cracking jokes.

19: Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green have known each other since they were both five years old. They worked on their first movie together "My stepmother is an Alien"

20: Alyson Hannigans favorite cd is the new ben lee cd.

21: Seth Green left Buffy in the fourth season to do a movie and is not intending on coming back as a regular

22: When scream came out in 1996-1997 Charisma, Sarah and Aly went across the street between a break and saw the movie which horrified all three of the girls

23: Alyson pantsed Nicholas Brendon in front of around 50 extras and the cast on the set of Buffy

24: Originally Charisma was cast as the part of Buffy and Sarah was cast as Cordelia but when Sarah auditioned for buffy they knew who it was

25: Shultz is Nicky's real last name not Brendon(heard this from my friend)

26: Cordelia is the name that Joss gave the stuck up girl in Buffy because his wife knew a girl named Cordy who was mean to her

27: Xander is really a character that Joss made that was resembling him when he was in high school

28: Alyson Hannigan's real middle name is Lee which would make her Alyson Lee Hannigan

29: Sarah michelle gellar had her two-co stars on Buffy, Seth and David come on her appearance on saturday night live because she was able to make the scenes and wanted them there

30: If you see it really closely on Saturday night live the 1999 one at the end of the take Sarah jumps on top of David Boreanaz. Kind of like reuniting with him (or maybe something else see: fact 52)

31: After taping the episode "Becoming part2" and the sword fight between Buffy and Angel, Sarah and David walked off with broke fingers all swollen and bruised

32: Almost all of the graveyard scenes for Buffy were shot at fake graveyards

33: David and Sarah make it look like it's romantic scenes together but they say its like 1 a.m in the morning and theyre tired and weak and everyone is watching them and they try to gross each other out with their breath to see who breaks first

34: David Boreanaz and Nicky were spotted at a strip club but till this day they will say bikini parlor

35: Sarah has a tattoo on her lower back that stands for integrity. Aly has a dolphin tattoo on her ankle

36: Sarah makes 50,000 per episode she does of Buffy

37: James Marsters who plays Spike thinks Alyson is the most hottest vampire he has ever seen, and the only one that actually looks hot in vampire makeup

38: Nicky said that if he could pick one girl on the set of Buffy to have he answered "Cordelia"(Different choice ay)

39: Alyson Hannigan purposely stayed in the room when David used to get his tattoo on just to see him half naked

40: Alyson said that she has seen almost all of the cast naked at one or two times(Wow I wanna be there)

41: The Set pays more than 15,000$ yep dollars for the clothing that the set wears each show

42: Seth Green is also best friends with Sarah's co-star in Iknwydls and Cruel Intentions Ryan Phillippe

43: Sarah has a sort of obsession with barbies and has a blond dark roots barbie and a barbie lunchbox

44: What Buffy thinks about David leaving:"I can't say enough amazing things about David Boreanaz. We had a very, very special relationship. In three years of working together, we never had so much as a disagreement." says Gellar, "That's just unbelievable considering the hours we spent together. We worked so well together. We could gauge each other's moods. We could help each other. For me [David leaving] is very daunting."

45: The only reason David took the role on Buffy in the first place was because he needed to feed his dog.

46: Alyson Hannigan actually hated high school. Girls used to pick on her and she felt extremly lonely

47: David Boreanaz divorced his wife Ingrid who was a social worker mostly because of his flirting on and off of the set of Angel and Buffy

48: Alyson Hannigan is a real giggly silly person once you get to meet her. She gets so silly and creates different personalities like "hysterical chick".

49: Alyson Hannigan is actually dating a drummer in a famous heavy metal band that will remain nameless. Seth Green introduced them to each other

50: Nicholas Brendon was actually going to pursue a baseball career but an injury in his knee, slaughtered the dreams of that

51: Nicholas Brendon's favorite episode from seasons 1 and 2 was bewitched,bothered and bewildered where he was accosted by all of the Sunnydale women

52: It is said, but not confirmed and probably won't be that Sarah and David do have an off-screen relationship, now we here do not meddle in the stars buisnesses, but this is a behind the scenes look in Buffy, and we are the scoopers so here's the scoop, here is what we heard from certain people who work on the set of Buffy and Angel, and a few things others added in when sent to my e-mail addy

The chemistry onscreen,wow! That was so there and in a powerful way may I add, think Becoming Part 2 when Angel was sent to the firey place, in a WB11 interview afterwards Sarah said that after the whole scene was finished she couldn't stop crying and David held her in his arms until she stopped

They were seen together drinking cider from the same glass, and I do own a few pics of them offset kissing, and wispering in each other's ears and hanging on top of each other, I own a picture that if you do not believe was taken off the set of Buffy when they were at a YM party and they are kissing!

David's bill goes up so high, calling Sarah on his cell phone, but when asked if he minds he plainly says "No,not at all."From STAR

Sarah said that every time David and her had really romantic heartfelt love scenes for Buffy and Angel she would cry for like a half hour later in his arms

53: Seth Green's best friends with Breckin Meyer and Ryan Phillippe.

54: Charisma Carpenter loves the new set of Angel behind the scenes but sometimes she does admit that she does feel left out because all of the set is made up of guys! They are always talking about games and guy stuff

55: David was rumored to be having problems with his wife Ingrid about flirting situations. It was rumored not exactly confined that he was getting a little too friendly with the women on Buffy and Angel cast that's why they broke off their marriage and divorced

56: What Does Charisma Carpenter think of Alyson Hannigan? Here's what she said. "Is she fun?" Carpenter asked rhetorically. "Alyson is a walking party."

57: Because of the name of the show Buffy the vampire slayer which may seem cheesy to some adults,it gets snubbed by award ceremonies each year.

58: The actress who played the evil, and tough vampire "Sunday" in the episode "The Freshman" but was ultimately dusted by Buffy is actually a huge fan of Buffy, and was and still is obsessed with the show, and it was a real honor to be on the show to her

59: James Marsters black leather jacket costs 10,000 dollars and James Marsters absolutely loves it

60: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are finally dating, the two had been friends for quite awhile, but didn't pursue a relationship with one another due to the fact that Freddie had a girlfriend, but now it's all out in the open,as they freely sit and have ice cream at a stand, boyfriend and girlfriend, as Sarah lounges out legs across Freddie's. They do make a cute couple huh?

61: Out of the best female kisser's that Nicholas has had to kiss he says that out of Cordelia,Willow,Anya and Faith...Faith is the best

62: Sarah Michelle Gellar won at the MTV Movie Awards for "Best Kiss" with Selma Blair and "Best Female Performance" In Cruel Intentions, Congrats Sarah we love you! Cruel Intentions got rave reviews, hm did anybody notice that Reese was overlooked...and Sarah thought she could be slick but the camera caught her wit some mouth action with Freddie Prinze Jr. at the awards ceremony. Overall it was a success for Sarah