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Whats up with These Guys?

The Big Bop 1999, will be available in the next few weeks, it is a live bootleg (extremely good quality).
Bodies 4 song cd sampler now available. Features: Pride and Prejudice, Sugar Cube, Muskoka, and Ill Satellite.
Watch for Bodies upcoming gig at "The Reverb" in Toronto. This Saturday March the 13th, '99 sees Bodies hit the stage at The Big Bop. Hope to see you there.....

July 24th '98, saw Bodies play a showcase at The Indigo on Queen St. in T.O. The show was standing room only with people pouring onto the street. The booking agent for the Reverb couldn't even get in to the gig because of fire regulations. The set ruled. Songs like Sugar Cube and Muskoka were too captivating. These guys are going to take off in early '99.

Bodies would like to send a special gratitude to "The Wild Strawberries" for having us open for them at Sheridan College in Oakville. The gig rocked.

April 5th saw Bodies play in Round II of the Ontario University battle at "The Underground" at York U. The competition was out of sight, but Bodies played the show of their career finishing in Second place behind the band representing York U..hmmmm. Max Weinberg (Conan O'Brien) who MC'd the affair had many compliments for the band regarding both style, and future direction. Thanks a bunch Max.

March 16th saw Bodies victorious in the College battle of the bands at Sheridan College. This not only landed the guys a healthy cash prize but also moves them on to round II.

Sign the freakin guest book. We get hits from all over the world everyday, and we have no idea who you are. The guys are at a crucial point in their career.