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As the world turns

Welcome to the realm of bodies. You have reached your destination

Thanks to everyone that came to Lee's Palace, it went amazing!

Sign our guestbook and say something about yourself, what you do, and the like. These hits from around the globe we keep getting are too intriguing! Let us not forget the only reason this band exists, the music. The only reason this page is here is to get our music heard. You must check out the audio files.
The year 1998 is upon us, and Bodies are now ready to go into the studio to record a five song CD EP. Hopefully this year we can get our shit together and get our name into every house on the planet. For the first time Bodies are going with a full blown press/promo kit to accompany the disc. The aforementioned video is going to wait until the spring, and will accompany one of the songs from the new record.

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