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"No matter what way you look at it, we are all just bodies."
The band "Bodies" grew from a seed, in a forest.

Bodies are

Morgan Clamp: Vocals
Kyle Hosick: Guitar
Matt Blakely: Bass
Chris Stratten: Drums

Toronto rock outfit – Bodies - was formed in 1994. The vision was simple. Music at the time lacked the feeling, and passion that it had experienced in the tumultuous decades prior to the nineties. Human vision, integrity, and spirit within music had fallen to cliché, repetition, and malleability of both lyric, and written material

The goal of Morgan Clamp and Kyle Hosick, Bodies’ founding members, was to revive a musical notion initiated by artists of the late sixties. The duo had decided that rock had to become more about a great vibe, and a message with an appeal to the entire audience – humanity. With the current line-up (formed both in 1996 with the addition of Chris Stratten, and in 1999 with the addition of Matt Blakely) this vision is being achieved
Anthems to humanity such as Pride and Prejudice (1999), and Ill Satellite (1999) are perfect examples of songs able to retain their rock roots while at the same time explore an envelope dedicated to humans understanding humans, and the technology people reserve as a constant “work in progress”.

With an arsenal of material equal to that of most multi-platinum U.S. artists, it is only a matter of time until the music is made available to the world, and Bodies are internationally recognized as a band with integrity, talent, and global presence.

With an influential management and legal team Bodies are now finally breaking the ground that has always been their goal to break. At the current date Bodies has released two independent cassettes and two independent CDs.

Bodies - "Rebounded." ( Cassette )
Bodies - "From A Screaming Chair." ( Cassette )
Bodies - "Rooted To The Earth." ( CD )
Bodies - "Bodies." ( CD )

To contact Bodies, please email Scott Stratten at

"... a very impressive sonic assault of great guitar riffs, good hooks, vivid lyrics and a lot of just in-your-face-straight-ahead rock 'n' roll!"
-Mike Tyler, Y95 DJ (Toronto)