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the cold dark air covers my face
as I sit alone in the corner
watching.. just watching
as the world keeps on spinning without me

I can't get up..I can't move
I'm trapped in this corner
chained here by you
chained tight by your lies..your manipulation
your love....

"Love never fails..."
but it made an exception this time and failed me
failed me miserably
because if love never fails
then why am I alone now?
why was I driven to this point of insanity
by the one whom I loved...who was never supposed to fail me?

love does is merely a fantasy..a dream
pursued by all..conquered by few
I almost had it..I could see it before me
but then I glanced away only to turn back and find it gone
love was no longer had failed me

so now I sit here..still alone in this corner
wanting someone to save me..but scared of being found by love again
for love will never be trusted by me again
so I sit..sit and wait..for nothing to ever come