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Pic Page

Me & My Friendz

Me!! - Summer of '97


* Picture Archive *

Alexa (the dog I had to leave behind when I moved *sad*)
Ben's (aka Footballstar) Pics
More pics of Ben
Chris aka Skolar
Chris Chorbajian (my first bf *LOL*)
Devon surfing in Cali...he's near the bottom of the screen
Group shot
Jarret aka Southern
Jay Gerecke (*SWEET memoriez*)
Jay and Me (Summer of '97)
Jennifer - My best friend
Jennifer and Kevin
Kallie (a good friend of Holly's.. and mine *S*)
Matt (he's such a nut!!)
Mark (I think he's pouting *L*)
My dog, Mackenzie :)
Melanie and Kile (My sister and bro-in-law)
Michelle and her roomie, Suzanne
ME! :) (1 1/2 yrs)
ME with Santa (20 months)
ME and my sis with Pooh (I'm on the right - 2 yrs old)
ME! (2 1/2 yrs)
ME and my sis with a puppy (me on left - 2 1/2 yrs)
ME! (2 1/2 yrs)
ME and my sis, Christmas 1985 (I'm on the right - 4 yrs)
ME and my sis at Hilton Head Island, SC (I'm on the left, 4 yrs)
ME! (5 yrs)
ME - June 1998
My house
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Pics from last Spring (new car, guyz)
Tyler and Jeremy..Spring Break '97