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Some Poems By My Friend, Michelle

Did You Ever........

Did you ever feel so happy, and tingly inside,
Whenever he was by your side?
Did you ever sit down and wonder why,
He did all those things that made you cry?
Did you ever think that one day.
The time would come when he would stray?
Did you ever feel deep in your heart,
That maybe someday you would part?
Did you ever think that it may end,
And he would never again be your friend?
Did you ever ask yourself how he could be so mean,
To walk away never again to be seen?
Did you ever realize that even though all the love and hapiness you thought you shared,
That in the end you would find out that he never cared?
Even though when together you may feel like a dove,
Be careful my friend it's not always true love.

Wipe your tears and dry your eyes
Life seems so unfair I hate saying good-bye
You'll develop a life without me which will help pass the time
But no matter how busy we are we'll still be on each other's mind
All the happy memories we've shared together
They are unforgettable and will stay with me forever
I can't believe you will be gone
All I'll hear is your voice on the phone
But hopefully that will be enough for me not to feel alone A new life along with new people awaits you
New experiences and new friends too
So wipe your tears and dry your eyes
Then maybe it won't be so hard to say good-bye....