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Blyss' Room!

Hey! 'Sup?! Welcome to my lil' corner of tha Web! My page is constantly under construction, so if it sucks now, gimme some ideas, kay? For any of you that wanna know, I'm a 17/F from South Carolina (YES, I have a major Southern accent) ...ask me if you want more. If you have ICQ, add me! My # is 5448264. Anyway, check out all my pics n shit, and SIGN DA BOOK, aiight? Thanks! :) PeAcE!

PIC PAGE - Pictures of me and my friendz
FRIENDZ LIST - All my favorite people
MY EUROPE TRIP!! (new pics)
Fave Music Page
Lyrics Page
Holly's Memory Page

Cool Link Page
My Stats - A buncha shit 'bout me
My Ben Affleck Page! (he is super fine!)
Pics of the Brewer Twins - they are SO sexy *s*

Javan's Quotes - Check these out!

Click on da crazy guy to check out my Chat Room!!



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~This page is dedicated to an incredible friend of mine, Holly Lea Nelson (10/30/82 - 2/20/98). It's all for you, girl, we love and miss ya!~
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