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My Friendz Page

This is a list of a few of my good friends.. If I forgot anyone, just email me or catch me on AOL and whine at me, and I'll put your name up asap, K? I hafta give huge *hugzz* out to all my friends..I love you guys! :) Some of these are peepz I knew a LONG time ago, but they still mean lotz ta me!

A great person once told me that no matter how hard things get, and no matter how far apart 2 people are LOVE will always find a way

  • Southern - (silent treatment again, Jarret? *laffz* seriously though, you are my best friend on here.. I've known since day one! *S* never forget me babe *hug*)
  • Cheerleader33 - (Love and Miss Ya Forever Girl...)
  • Footballstar - (Keep it real Ben, you're da best *S* KNOW I'm always here for ya)
  • All my Myrtle Beach peepz! - Stella, Ashley, Peggy, JJ, John-John, Edward, Misty, Heaven, Mary Beth, Amber (congrats on Jailen!!) .. LOVE YALL!" hehe
  • Nemises - (You are SUCH a good friend to me, Barry..I dun know what I'd do without ya.. you always seem to send me some nice email on one of those days when I really need it.. *huggerz* luv ya, you bloke *LOL* hehehe)
  • Tigerman - (thanx for bein' there for me, Chad! L'ya)
  • Michelle - ('Shell, yer the bestest friend anyone could have! ..even though all we seem to do is gripe about guys.. hehehe..yer still kick ass! *huggerz*)
  • Breanne Valliere - Sweetie you are the coolest friend i ever had.. love you and MISS you!! i cant wait to see ya again!
  • Natalia - (Jamerz!! *huggliez* hey girl!! hehe yew know yew kick ass so I wont tell yaz! good luck w/ Neil! hehe luvz ya chica)
  • April James - April, you've always been my girl, since day one (literally!) we had one helluva year, and now you've got a beautiful baby girl (hey Miss Lauren! *hehe*) to show for it all.. we've known each other for 19 years, cant wait for the next 19 :) take care Ape
  • Jennifer Greene-Hoover - (My best friend in da world! luv ya girl!) congrats on lil' Colton Isaiah :) even if he IS Brian's kid! *LOL* j/k
  • Caryn - ("Care Bear" partner in crime *Laffz*)
  • SweetThang - (yer a great friend Al!! *huge hugz* stay sweet and keep in touch wif me!!)
  • Jennifer Graham - (yayyyy ya finally came to party w/ me!! i still think u're my bad luck charm tho.. hahaha)
  • Jeff, Rusty, Jamie, Rich, Josh, CJ, Mike - (my beach boyz!)
  • Everyone I went to Europe with in '98 - (Hey Ya'll!! *hahaha*)
  • Nubian - (Jay! *huggerz* 'sup hunn?? yew have been SOO nice an' sweet to me through all dat SHIT Dyl put me through.. yer da best babe! i promise to come see yew sometime!)
  • One_Star (shit happens, eh?)
  • Tiggerlove69/livefire82 - (Our sweet-talkin player..right Michelle? *smirk* Nah, you know I'll always love ya babe!)
  • Khop - (Colin baby!!! *huggz* Bro you are mah absolute fave person as of today *L* nah for real yer da best *waits for Colin to come visit her at da beach*)
  • Diamond - (heya Chels!! *hug*)
  • MysticMouse - (Mel!! *huggerz* luvz ya)