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My Europe Trip

Bonjour/Hola/Hey! :) Well, this is my page dedicated to the trip I took to Europe in Summer of 1998. Lemme tell you a little 'bout how I got to go on it to start with. I went with a program called People to People Student Ambassadors. I'm not totally sure how I got in - it's usually by teacher/counselor recommendation. Anyway, I had to go through tons of shitty interviews n stuff, but finally I got to go! There were 15 people from my area (most juniors or seniors in HS) and we had one chaperone - Jeff, this cool guy from Clemson. Anyway, we all met a few times before we actually went, so we could get to know each other, etc. SO - we left on June 28th from Charlotte, NC, flew down to Atlanta (it was an awful flight schedule!) then up to New York City, where we met the other half of our group. See, People to People is a nationwide organization, so they had groups from every state, and they mix them together so we can meet new people. Anyway, the group we were (stuck) with was from Wisconsin. Yeah, we all had to make fun of each other's accents! :) Anyway, we all got along pretty good - in fact, some of us became great friends. You should have seen us in the airport in Paris, all crying 'cause we didn't want to leave each other to fly home to seperate states! I bet we looked like a bunch of freaks, now that I look back on it. Anyway, I'm not going to describe the entire trip, 'cause you would die of boredom, and I'm too lazy to type that much out! But I'm going to try to scan pics from each city I went to, to give a small example of the places I went. We started in Madrid, Spain and ended up in Paris, France. With more cities in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and France in between. In closing, it was definitely the TRIP OF A LIFETIME!! I am SO grateful to have been able to go on this trip, and I will NEVER forget the things I saw - or the people I met! (Especially not you, Miguel *wink*) ANYWAY *grinz* enough of that.. Enjoy the pics, I'll try to put different ones up soon.. Hasta luego!


Retiro Park in Madrid
City View of Madrid
Plaza Mayor in Madrid
Toledo (city near Madrid)
Alcazar Palace in Toledo
Pyrenees Mountains
Meditteranean Sea in Barcelona
Pedro y Susana - Our Tour Guides
Our Bus (Hi Ya'll! *S*)

Monte Carlo - Monaco


Peter, Susanne, and Amena (My homestay family)
Sasfern, Switzerland


Triberg Waterfalls


Annie, John, Sarah, and Samantha
French Alps
Louvre Museum in Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral
Samantha, John, and Maggie at Versailles
In Hard Rock Cafe - Paris
Eiffel Tower