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My Enemies Page


  • Booshika - You are SUCH a close minded, attention needing little bitch!! Every time I see you in Alamak you're starting some shit with someone.. I'm SO friggin' sick of it.. die bitch
  • Tsamie - Yer a major bitch, too.. All up on my case juss 'cause we dont have the same opinions of TV shows?? Jesus Christ, you're pathetic..
  • GOLDBERG - I feel sorry for you.. Yer SUCH a sad mean little boy.. grow da fuck up



  • Bobby - There's nothing worse than a liar.. WAIT - maybe an ugly ass liar - look, it's YOU!! *LMAO* you suck..
  • All da teachers at LCA and majority of da kids - Your school and your stupid ass relegion is such a CROCK! Yer nothin' but a buncha brainwashed, psycho-conservative, fucked up freaks.. Expel this mother fuckers.. burn in hell