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Hello Everyone Out There On The Planet Earth From The Little Blue People ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, February 28, 2001 17:08

The Little Blue People

This is all about the little blue people in the WORLD

All the little blue people of the world, are coming to take it over from all the bad @%# people that live in the world.

When all little blue people in the world, come and get us and take us to their hide out. We will get tied up and put in a dark hole that they have in their little hide out.

If you get nabed by the little blue people of the world they may or maynot let you go. It the Queen of the little blue people of the world likes you, she will let you go free and if she dosen't she well have you lock up in the dungan with all of the other people in the world that she dosen't like.

The little blue people,The little blue people, The little blue people,are coming to get you, are coming to get you, are coming to get you, and take you to the funny farm hehehohohaha their coming to take you way hahahohohehe!!!!!!!!!

The funny farm is where the little blue people live. If you get taken to the funny farm by the little blue people you will have to stay their for about four to five months at one time are they will get to full with people from the planet earth.


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The Little Blue People


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