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Black Family Cemetary Easley, S.C.

Black Family Cemetary is a small cemetary that is still used by some of the descendants of Riley Black and Elvina Mauldin Black. It is located right outside of Easley on Highway 135 going towards Anderson in Pickens County. The cemetary was originally owned by Mt. Calvary Wesleyan Church until the church was sold and the Black Family retained ownership of the cemetary. The church was built from the trees that were blown down during a tornado that came through the area. The community came together in a time of hardship and built the church. Just a note, since I have posted this site, a question has arisen about the ownership of the cemetery. I just hope that whatever the outcome of this debate, that the cemetery is still kept open to the Black Family. I do know that the caretaker of the cemetery is a direct descendant of one of the builders of the church and that the cemetery could not have been in better hands. I just hope that the debate comes to a peaceful end that benefits everyone. There are three graves that are not in the list below: Infant Culbertson: born & died Sep. 29-1933 Eloise Culbertson: Sep. 24, 1930-Feb. 8, 1931 Unknown: This grave is of an unknown person from the community. It has no marker. I am presently doing research on the Black Family from Upstate SC. If you have any information or questions please contact me at the e-mail address listed below. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!

People buried at cemetary

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