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Toy Trade Page
Last updated 7/15/03

This is a list of extra figures that I have acquired over the years that I've been collecting.  The figures are broken down by which general toy lines they were in.  On the left is the figure, in the middle  is a brief description, and on the right is a price which is negotiable.  All of the figures listed here are carded unless otherwise noted.  I'll put up more carded figures and probably some loose ones in the near future so come back often.  Below the "haves" are my "wants."  Check it out and let's make a deal!

NEW!!!  I've added a section just under my "Haves" of bonus items that you can choose from if you buy or get something in trade.  That's right you can have an additional item from my "Bonus" section for free.  Now they aren't the greatest items but you might find something you like or need.  I can provide pics for stuff if you're not sure what it is.  I'll be adding more items as I go through my collection.

Star Wars
Leia & Wicket Leia Collection $10.00
Bespin Luke Skywalker (.01) Detachable hand! $6.00
Endor Rebel Soldier Freeze Frame $6.00
Jawas (.01) Two figures on the green card. $6.00
Orrimaarko (Prune Face) $6.00
Leia as Jabba's Prisoner (.00) With hologram sticker. $6.00
Leia as Jabba's Prisoner (.02) With Freeze Frame $6.00
Stormtrooper  (.00) on Red Card $6.00
Endor Planet w/o Ewok (this is just the planet and stand) $3.00
Han Solo and Taun Taun Beast Pack (3 3/4" set) Ask
Mace Windu (.0000) $6.00
Battle Droid Dirty brown (.0200) $5.00
Queen Amidala (Coruscant) In her red senate dress. $6.00
Sith Speeder Comes with cloaked Darth Maul and lightsaber. $10.00
Anakin Skywalker  (Episode 1) (.00) Blue backpack version. $6.00
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) (.00) Has all the errors. $6.00
Leia as General (.0000) $7.50
Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion) (.0100) Traded
Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) (.0400) $7.00
Coruscant Guard (.0400) $6.50
Obi-Wan (Cold Weather Gear) (.0300) $6.50
Scout Trooper (Dirty Biker Scout) (.0400) $7.00
Sandtrooper (.0400) $7.00

Blink Marvel's Most Wanted $6.00
Beast Uncanny X-men loose complete $3.00
Colossus Mutant Armor loose, complete $3.00
Deadpool II With pull off mask  $6.00
Domino X-force $5.00
Elektra Light-up version.  (repaint of Psylocke) $5.00
Jean Grey Marvel Hall of Fame/She Force $6.00
Gambit 1 1st Gambit figure made loose, complete $2.00
Jubilee Generation X, loose complete $2.00
Juggernaut Street Fighter vs. X-men, 2nd player color, loose $2.00
Magneto (loose) from Secret Wars.  Paint is good but some detail on collar and left boot 
has rubbed off.
Mojo $5.00
Morph on original small orange card $5.00
Penance loose, complete $3.00
Phoenix on blue Wolverine card $5.00
Professor Xavier Mutant Armor $5.00
Psylocke Ninja Force $5.00
Rogue on Marvel Universe card $3.00
Rogue Monster Armor loose, complete $3.00
Sabretooth (Ninja) Ninja version with large claw attachments $5.00
Spiral with arm spinning action (a must have if you've already have Longshot & Mojo) $5.00
Storm Classic version in white outfit $5.00
Tusk on original purple card (one of Mr. Sinister's henchmen) $5.00
White Queen Generation X $5.00
Wolverine Ninja Force $5.00
Wolverine III loose, complete $2.00
X-man Marvel's Most Wanted $6.00

Madame Web from the Flip 'n Trap line (one of the harder ones to find) $5.00
Black Cat loose complete $2.00
Sandman from the Flip 'n Trap line (nice sculpt) $5.00
Spider-woman from the Iron Man line $3.00
Spider-Man Black Costume from Spider-man Classics $7.00
Daredevil loose, complete $3.00
Spider-man and Mary Jane Famous couples SOLD
Scorpion Stingstriker McDonald's toy $1.00
Thanos from Silver Surfer line loose, complete $3.00
Silver Surfer Marvel Super Heroes line from 1990, the rare one in the beginning $5.00
Thing 2 Fantastic Four line (no accessories) $2.00
Iron Man Marvel Legends $6.00

DC Universe
Crime Fighter Robin TNBA $6.00
Batgirl from Batman & Robin with the photo of the figure not the drawing $5.00
Batman 100th edition $15.00
Power Swing Superman Previews exclusive Superman Animated.  Has mini Lexoskeleton. $5.00
Power Swing Superman Previews exclusive Superman Animated.  Has mini Lexoskeleton. $40 for set
X-Ray Vision Superman Previews exclusive Superman Animated.  With safe and dynamite $40 for set
Tornado Force Superman Previews exclusive Superman Animated. $40 for set
Bizarro Previews exclusive Superman Animated. $40 for set
Metallo Previews exclusive Superman Animated. $40 for set
Batman Kraft Mac & Cheese Balancing Figure Ask
Wonder Woman Kraft Mac & Cheese Balancing Figure Ask
Superman Kraft Mac & Cheese Balancing Figure Ask
Aquaman Total Justice (loose) $3.00

Badrock 1st series with rounded missles and blue shirt $8.00
Clown 2 (loose,complete) He has guns everywhere and real hair.  I still have the card. $3.00
Hoof (loose,complete)  from Total Chaos.  I have the card. $3.00
Mangler (loose, complete) aka Wolf Spawn.  Have card. $3.00
Sam & Twitch 1st release $10.00
Spawn  the original Spawn from the 1st series $10.00
Spiked Spawn from the movie line  (tough to find) $6.00

Transformers/Other Robots
Optimus Primal Transmetal Beast Wars $15.00
Optimus Prime Choro Q (anime or normal) $12.00
Megatron Chror Q (black) $12.00
Hot Rod  Japanese Takara re-issue  $35.00
Noble Gundam Action figure (Rare pink version) $10.00

Mach 5 (Speed Racer) Bit Char-G radio controlled car  $30.00
Jadzia Dax from Star Trek from "Trials and Tribble-ations"  $5.00
Fathom loose  SOLD
Princess Thundar from Flash Gordon $2.00
La Lunatica from X-Men 2099 uncensored version $3.00
Asuka Hoshino Talking figure Sentimetal Graphitti (I won this from Action Ace.) $10.00
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I New in box SOLD
Ned Flanders Burger King Light up $.50
Apu Burger King Light up (light doesn't work, I got it this way) $.50
Anakin viewer Taco Bell $0.50
Jar Jar Binks Squirter Taco Bell $0.50
Ssslythe Thundercats (loose no accessories) $3.00
He-Man lunchbox It's a little worn.  No thermos. $10.00
Lola Bunny McDonald's Space Jam $.50

Jumpin' Jumbo Jam (Space Jam coloring book) Grandmother Willow Toy from Burger King's Pocahontas
German Daisy Duck from McDonald's Chief Powhatan from Burger King's Pocahontas
Painter Smurf Scorpion Net accessory from the Flip n Trap Scorpion
Mu Shu from McDonald's Mulan Purple Pokemon top from Kellog's Pops
cheap plastic yo-yo  McDonald's race car (kind of like a Hot Wheel)
Batman Forever 200 piece puzzle with purple sparkle background Terk from McDonald's Tarzan 
Anakin viewer from Taco Bell including the box Opera Box accessory that came with Dimitri from the movie Anastasia
Darth Maul's Sith Speeder from Taco Bell complete with box Li Shang figure from McDonald's Mulan

Here is some stuff that I'm looking for.  I'm willing to trade multiple items in my "have" section for the items below or I might even buy them straight out.  Let me know if you have anything on my list.  Hopefully, we can work something out.
Alpha/Legioss fighter (Robotech/Mospeada) complete or parts Yoda and Younglings (Star Wars)
Rick VF-1J Super Poseable (Robotech) Mara Jade (Star Wars)
Max Super Morpher (Robotech) Naboo Fighter set (Star Wars Jr.) 
any other Macross/Mospeada/Robotech item including bootlegs Snowspeeder or X-wing (mini Lego sets)
Any Heroes of Cybertron Transformers PVC figures 
Superman 4-pack w/ Lois Lane Scarlett/Stalker 2-pack (G.I. Joe)
Batman/Nightwing 2-pack from Mattel
any Elfquest figure Nightcrawler (Famous Covers)
Lego Imperial Shuttle Pyro (X-men/X-force)
any of the Lego Jabba's Palace sets Kitty Pryde (Toyfare? exclusive)
Trigun Vash the Stampede Wolverine (X-men Evolution)
Trigun Wolfwood Stikfas (Knights, K-9 unit, or Samurai)
Evangelion Eva 05 Kaiyodo (wings or wingless)

Send your offers to