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Banting Memorial High School Wrestling Team

This web page is a Ghost of one that once was; From the Banting Memorial High School Wrestling team of 2000 - 2003. Originally it was meant to be a source of information for the local wrestling community. This page was maintained by a group of wrestlers on the team at the time. As they grew, graduated and moved on, and the coaches retired, there was no one left to continue maintenance. This site was discontinued to prevent miss leading possible readers or spreading misinformation.

The team had numerous consecutive GBSSA (Regional) team championships. Additionally in its final year, The team won both the Girls OFSSA Team Championship and Combined Team OFSSA Championship.

There were Several outstanding individuals on the team who earned Regional, provincial and National Championships as well.

It is planned to modify and resurrect the page as a monument to the team(s) that was(were), and/or contrast it with the current Banting team.

Any questions or concerns about the team or this page can be directed to the following email address. If you would like to help or were or are a member of the Banting team you may contact this email as well. There are no guarantees that the email address will be monitored or that any emails will be responded to.

Questions to kingjames_2nd[AT]hotmail[DOT]com



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The 2001-2002 Season member profiles HERE

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1999-2000 season HERE

2000-2001 season HERE

A Great Amateur Wrestling Web Page -

New Tec Olympic Wrestling Club

-Good show at the Matmen tournament everyone, we had quite a bit of injuries but we still managed to pull through with a fourth for our 'boy's open team' and a second for our 'girl's cadet team'. With many placings and some excellently fought matches, we should all be proud of our individual performances.
-A while back, we took some pitures of James, Chris, and myself doing a bunch of different moves, you can view them all here.
Goodnight and God bless,
- Dante
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Banting Memorial High School
What a great sport... way more better than ping pong. -James

Special Thoughts

We as wrestlers some times get caught up with all our schooling and training and forget about our coaches. For those of you who think its ok if your late for practice or dont come. Remember this. Our coaches are spending time with us away from their families. They dont need to be there, they choose to be there. Give them some credit for wanting to help you. Make it worth their wile and be there.

Finishing Moves
Which Move Do You Finish Off Your Matches With?

Power Half-Nelson
The Mighty Crossface
Head And Arm Pin
Bicep Punch To Pin
The "Thing"
Inside Knee Hook


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