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Hey, This is {Aoi}Sonlee; Limit has condemned this page as cruel and unusual and taken it upon himself, the newest website editor to delete it with out first consulting his seniors. I will admit that the trial page was quite unusual but it was certainly not unwarranted when you consider the fact that MXM deleted aoi's webpage and put the ENTIRE guild in jeapordy, and he did this intentionally. Now it is true that I myself am often an asshole, but I would like to inform you all that Limit, who seems to think himself morally, technically, and mentally superior, is not without his faults. First of all, the very issue of deleting the trial page. He stated that he took it upon himself to delete the page without consulting either CA or myself and that if we wanted to put the page back up, we would have to have the guild vote on it. However, I find it troubling that limit can delete a page without even asking webmasters yet CA and I must have the guild vote on the issue to over-turn him. In addition, it is true that limit has made several very hepful and time consuming additions to the page, and for that I thank him. However, the fact still remains that the majority of this page was created by myself, {Aoi}Sonlee, and that I was the one left to put it back together again when MXM deleted the original (see for refference). Another of limit's faults is that he has decided to remove inactive members from the senior members list despite the fact that they have been in aoi for over a year in several cases (IE: Jigaa) while he himself, who only officialy joined aoi a month ago, is currently on the Senior Advocates list which requires 3 months seniority. While I do believe that certain periods of inactivity should result in a lost of seniority, I do not think it proper to make a 12 month old member a recruit again because he was inactive for one month, or a twelfth of the time of his member ship. I am sorry it has come to this limit, but you simply arent allowing me to be heard and you are constantly trying to get me to edit the oage and throwing questions at me every time I try to get on-line. I would like to remind you that while I may be a webmaster, I am also a senior advocate and therefore officialy I am at the same standard as any other senior advocate, webmaster or not. I am sorry that I childishly made the members URL into an insult, but it was far from warranting the blatant insults and the severe backlash that I am currently recieving from you.

Advocates of Allusion, Webmaster and Senior Advocate