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The former member of Aoi, MXM, is no longer to be reffered to as a person, rather it shall be called "it." It will no longer be allowed in our channel at any time or any channel controlled by Aoi. If "it" joins a game that you are in then you either ban him, quit, or gang beat him. Attempting to over-throw Aoi will not be tolerated, and the people who left when it tried to over-throw CA and LB are fortunate to have been allowed back in. On this page is a "modified" version of the bot logs of the trial ,a still image of it being hanged (by {Aoi}Sonlee), and an animated GIF of it (by {Aoi}L.B.)

Dramatic Interprutation of trial
(note that this is not the real trial bot log but all that matters is that the verdict is the same.)

[3/20/00 8:01:30 PM] [Info] joining channel rune
[3/20/00 8:01:51 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> *slams mallet down*
[3/20/00 8:01:52 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Delamarhia, what does your defendant plea?
[3/20/00 8:01:54 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Not guilty by reason of insanity
[3/20/00 8:01:54 PM] <{Aoi}Millenium2> LOL
[3/20/00 8:01:55 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> *slams mallet down* Order!!!
[3/20/00 8:01:55 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Sonlee, you may proceed with your opening arguement.
[3/20/00 8:01:57 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> Thankyou CA. Ladies and gentlemen of the joury. I ask simply of you that you view the evidence reasonably and that you accept what you view to be right as the truth. During this trial I plan to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that MXM is GUILTY of the crime of treason and that he tried, failed, and denied to revolt.
[3/20/00 8:01:59 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Del, as the defense you will also be expected to make an opening statement, proceed when ready.
[3/20/00 8:02:02 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Ladies and gentlemen of the joury. During the course of this trial I intend to prove that my client, MXM, is not guilty by reason of insanity and cannot be held accountable for his alleged crimes.
[3/20/00 8:02:02 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Sonlee, call your first witness
[3/20/00 8:02:03 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> I call Emporer {Aoi}L.B. to the stand. LB, would you please state your professional opinion of MXM begining with the time when he became Sub-Emp?
[3/20/00 8:02:10 PM] <{Aoi}L.B.> Well, I suppose he would have best been described, in the early days, as an active and positive addition to aoi. However, as it became apparent that he could not hope to become Emp within a short period of time he became fanatical. Demanding that new recruits sware loyalty to him rather than aoi. In my opinion this was an attampt to gain supporters for an elaboratley planned assault on Aoi's legal government.
[3/20/00 8:02:10 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> In your opinion, would it be possible for a man of deminished capacity to carry out such an elaborate plan?
[3/20/00 8:02:10 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Objection!!! Hearsay!!!
[3/20/00 8:02:10 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Over-ruled, you may continue Sonlee.
[3/20/00 8:02:23 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> No further questions your honor.
[3/20/00 8:02:23 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> The defense may cross examine.
[3/20/00 8:02:23 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Emporer LB, is 1 of the requirements of insanity that you be of deminished intelligence?
[3/20/00 8:02:23 PM] <{Aoi}L.B.> Well...
[3/20/00 8:02:25 PM] <{AOI}Delamarhia> Answer the question!
[3/20/00 8:02:31 PM] <{Aoi}L.B.> No, but tha
[3/20/00 8:02:31 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> No further questions.
[3/20/00 8:02:39 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> You may step down LB
[3/20/00 8:02:39 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Next witness Sonny?
[3/20/00 8:02:40 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> At this time I wish to call General {Aoi}Millenium1 to the stand. Mill1, would you explain the oath that MXM forced you to take in order to become a member of the Dogs of War?
[3/20/00 8:02:45 PM] <{Aoi}Millenium1> Well sir, he order me to swear that I would hold the DoW above all else in the guild, including the emporer. And that my loyalty was no longer to CA, but rather to the leader of DoW.
[3/20/00 8:02:47 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> And who was the leader of DoW?
[3/20/00 8:02:50 PM] <{Aoi}Millenium1> The accused, MXM.
[3/20/00 8:02:55 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> No further questions.
[3/20/00 8:03:09 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Does the defense wish to cross examine?
[3/20/00 8:03:13 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> No your honor.
[3/20/00 8:03:14 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Next witness Lee?
[3/20/00 8:03:14 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> At this time, I would like to break from the usual proceedings and call myself to the stand. During the course of several months MXM requested the page pass. At 1st I stayed on the side of caution, but eventually I decided he was no threat. Unfourtunately, just a few months later he deleted the page and nearly destroyed Aoi.
[3/20/00 8:03:15 PM] <~MXM~(DL)> That's not fucking true you dirty lier!!! I own you!!! I am a master hacker!!!
[3/20/00 8:03:16 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Del, please restrain your client from further out bursts!!!
[3/20/00 8:03:20 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Please do forgive me your honor, I will see he remains calm for the rest of the proceedings. I have no wish to cross-examine.
[3/20/00 8:03:21 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> At this time the prosecution rests.
[3/20/00 8:03:22 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well then, the defense may call its 1st witness.
[3/20/00 8:03:27 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> At this time I wish to call the defendant to testify on his own behalf.
[3/20/00 8:03:28 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well.
[3/20/00 8:03:31 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> MXM, would you please state, in your own words, where you were while the crimes you are being accused of were comitted?
[3/20/00 8:03:35 PM] <~MXM~(DL)> Well, as I attempted to explain to that bastard and the rest of you dumb fucks I was in drug rehab for 2 weeks and my friend was using my computer while I was gone and caused all this shit to happen.
[3/20/00 8:03:40 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> No further questions.
[3/20/00 8:03:45 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Do you wish to cross examine Lee?
[3/20/00 8:03:48 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> MXM, if your story is true then how do you explain the past knowledge of events in RrE, the page pass, and of course how your "friend" got into your house and onto your computer with your parens home?
[3/20/00 8:03:48 PM] <~MXM~(DL)> Fuck you Lee, I am being framed. My parents think he is an angel and let him in all the time while Im gone, your are an ass just like them!!! You can all fucking burn in hell!!!
[3/20/00 8:03:48 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> *gags and turns red*
[3/20/00 8:03:49 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> No further questions your honor.
[3/20/00 8:03:52 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well, the witness may step down. Does the defense wish to call anymore witnesses?
[3/20/00 8:03:57 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> No your honor, *swallows* the defense rests
[3/20/00 8:04:00 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well, you may begin with your closing statement Sonlee.
[3/20/00 8:04:05 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> Gentlemen, the notion that such an elaborate scheme could be layed out by an insane maniac is an insult to the intelligence of every person in this room. I have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that on the night of 15 March 00 the defendent *points to MXM* set out to put in motion a pre-arranged plan to over-throw his guilds legal government, and he did this not in an insane rage, but of his own free will being of sound mind and body. YOU MUST FIND THIS MAN GUILTY!!!
[3/20/00 8:04:09 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Is the defenses closing statement prepared at this time Sub-Emporer Delamarhia?
[3/20/00 8:04:15 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Yes your honor
[3/20/00 8:04:16 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well, you may proceed.
[3/20/00 8:04:16 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> The prosecution has set in front of you a mass of lies and half-truths. He has not yet pointed out that insanity does not mean stupidity, rather it means that the person is incapable of grasping reality and cannot tell the difference between right and wr...
[3/20/00 8:04:18 PM] <{Aoi}Delamarhia> Arg....
[3/20/00 8:04:19 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> The joury may now retire to private chambers to deliberate

8 minutes pass

[3/20/00 8:12:28 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Have you reached a unanimous verdict?
[3/20/00 8:12:45 PM] <{Aoi}Millenium2> Yes we have your honor.
[3/20/00 8:12:47 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well, what say you gentlemen
[3/20/00 8:12:50 PM] <{Aoi}Millenium2> Guilty
[3/20/00 8:12:53 PM] <{Aoi}Bfrizz> Guilty
[3/20/00 8:12:55 PM] <{Aoi}Gen~Y2k> Guilty
[3/20/00 8:13:22 PM] <{Aoi}Allusion> Very well, it is the order of this court that the defendant, MXM, be remanded into custody and held until the sentence of life on the edge of a rope suspended by a pole can be carrierd out. He is to be excomunicated from the guild and is no longer to be reffered to as a person. Case clossed *slams gavel*
[3/20/00 8:04:36 PM] <{Aoi}Sonlee> WooooooHooooooo!!!!
[3/20/00 8:04:36 PM] <{Aoi}L.B.> YES!!!!!

It's (MXM's) rope suspended at 1 end by a pole

Still image by {Aoi}Sonlee

animated hanging by {Aoi}L.B.
unmarked grave