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This is your chance to win

aoi's map making contest

Some people like to make starcraft maps they think of it as an art so now this is your change to show off your skills.

Must be your map made from scratch (don't modify someones map)
No wav files
File size must be under 400kb

Can be BroodWar or Starcraft

You can submit 1 map for each catigory:
Best Muilt-player map
Best Muilt-player use map settings map
Best single-player use map settings map

All maps submited will be jugded by three people that will rank it on things like datails , layout , origanl and fun

Now what do u get out of this well a new page will be added to this web site and your map will be put up there for others to come and download it .....what did you think you were going to get money hahahaha

SO E-mail you map to me and I will check it out .

Contest ends June 20th