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Tribute To My Lost Love


The Unquiet Grave

"The wind doth blow today, my love, And a few small drops of rain; I never had but one true love, In cold grave she was lain. "I'll do as much for my true love As any young man may; I'll sit and mourn all at her grave For a twelvemonth, and a day." The twelvemonth and a day being up, The dead began to speak, "Oh who sits weeping on my grave, And will not let me sleep?" " 'Tis I, my love, sits on your grave And will not let you sleep, For I crave one kiss of your clay-cold lips And that is all I seek." "You crave one kiss of clay-cold lips, But my breath smells earthy strong; If you have one kiss of my clay-cold lips You time will not be long: " 'Tis down in yonder garden green, Love, where we used to walk, The finest flower that ere was seen Is withered to a stalk. "The stalk is withered dry, my love, So will our hearts decay; So make yourself content, mv love, Till God calls you away."

To Noel From Paul

Without a doubt I fell in love, but you were taken by the One above. He wants you to rest and end all your pain. He wants you to smile and be happy again. You're a star up in the heavens who'll always shine for me. You'll be in my heart for all eternity. No one will ever replace the beauty I was able to see. You are the guardian angel God sent down for me. Dear God, this hurts too much, but I know this is your plan. I'll wait till the end for her, and by her side, I will stand. The pain is too inmense to bear without you in my life. I miss you darling tremendously, but in my heart, you'll never die.

By Issa... an Unfinished Work

Lately I've been trying to fill up my days since you're gone. The speed of love is blinding and I didn't know how to hold on. my mind won't clear, I'm out of tears, my hearts got no room left inside. How many dreams will end? How long can I pretend? How many times will love pass me by until I find you again? Well the arms of hope surround me. Tie me a fair weather friend. Should I call out to angels. Just drink myself sober again... Can't hide it's true. I still burn for you. Your memory won't let me go.

Excerpt from a song... If you get there before I do, don't give up on me. I'll meet you when my chores are through. I don't know how long I'll be, but I'm not gonna let you down... darlin' wait and see. and between now and then till I see you again I'll be lovin you.. Love, Me

another excerpt... but I love the way you love me! strong and wild... slow and easy... heart and soul... so completely!!! I love the way you love me!

another excerpt :) Sitting by the fire we made. You're the answer when I pray. I will find someone, and baby I found you And all I want is to hold you forever! All I need is you more everyday! You saved my heart, from being broken apart you gave your love away and I'm thankful everyday for the gift

Dearest Noel, You brought me such wonderful memories by giving me your love and by graciously accepting my love in return. You brought me so much happiness.. so much joy... so much pain and heartache. I hope you're doing well whever you maybe. I love you so much Noel. Even to this day i still love you. I've been searching for someone who could make me as happy as you have. Even the memories of days gone by still bring smiles to my face, but the harsh reality is the fact that we won't be making anymore memories to cherish. I hope and pray that you felt I loved you as I have never loved any other. *SIGH*
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