Skunk Jokes

There were two skunks, one named In and One named Out. Once, Out went in and said to Out, "Bring In in." So Out went out, got In, and they went in. Their mother was happy to see them. She asked Out, "How did you find In so fast?" And Out said, "Instincts."

Q: What do you get if you cross an elephant and a skunk?
A: I don't know but you can smell it coming from miles away.

Baby Skunk: "Mother, can i have a chemistry set?"
Mother Skunk: "What! And smell up the house?"

Q: What did the judge say when three skunks walked into the courtroom?
A: "Odor in the Court!"

Q: What is black and white and blue all over?
A: A skunk at the north pole

Q: What did the fish say to the skunk after it fell in the pond?
"Stink or Swim!"

Q: Where does a skunk sit in a church?
A: In a Pew

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