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This page is new so there isn't much yet. It looks pretty messy but it is still loads of fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Most things on my page have been taken from magazines.Such as YM and Seventeen) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A QUIZ Are You A Scene Queen? Click On The Answer To See How Many Points. 1. How long does party primping take you? 2. When some one says school dance you immediantly think 3.Before you cement your social scheld on a Saturday night who do you consult? 4. Your bud offers you a Beck concert ticket , but you have a big paper due tommorow. You: 5. You are super psyced when the hottest babe in school invites you to the party of the year. But then you realize the party falls on the same day as your cousin Ann's birthday. You: 6. On the prom dance floor, a girl pulls down a cute guys tuxedo trowsers leaving disco lights streaming across his Calvins. You react by: 7. What's your appearence in the morning after a typical shindig? 8.Your favorite way to spend a three day weekend is to: SCORING 17-24 Points Scene Queen Whoa, girlfriend! Wild horses couldn't drag you away from a hot scene could they? True your social IQ is off the charts but when was the last time you devoted your self to something more serious then swirling party punch? Concentrating on workin whatever room your in may be leaving you with other aspects of life. So try stepping out of the scene for a sec to focus on other stuff. 9-16 Points Good Time Girl Though parties are so not your life you definatly know how to rock it on the social circuit. You like to let loose. But you don't need to be the Belle of the Bash. You never ditch people or priorities to get into the action. 1-8 Points Party Pooper Hey babe, what givees? It's great you're cool with solo activities like reading and watching the tube. Plus you know there is more to life then livin it up under the strobe lights. But could you be avoiding the social scene because you are afraid your not a swinger? Don't under estimate your party-girl potential. Next time your invited to a rager, dig out your dazzling duds and get your fabulous self over there! Back To School Horoscope ARIES march 21- april 19 When a hottie flirts with you yourhit-the-books resoulution will fade TAURUS april 20 - may 20 Mad about your MIA steady you'll hit the books to forget about him. GEMINI may 21 - june 21 You'll cruise back to school ready willing and totally able to snag a sext steady. CANCER june 22 - july 22 You'll hit the halls with more then a summer glow: a steady dude. LEO july 23 - aug. 22 Your hot 'n' heavy summer fling will sizzle when he heads to a new school. VIRGO aug.23 - sept. 22 Along with your classes guy watching will become a top priority. LIBRA sept. 23 - oct. 23 Up for leadership spoy in your favorite club you will realize the main member is a babe. SCORPIO oct. 24 - nov. 22 With 2 guys vying for your affection you'll chose to keep 'em both then get superserious. SAGITTARIUS nov. 23 - dec. 21 After a dating drought you'll be itchin' to find some schoolhouse hotties. CAPRICORN dec. 22 - jan. 20 Once your summer sweetie turns into your fall guy even science homework will be a breeze. AQUARIUS jan. 21 - feb. 18 A mystery sweetie will ask you to homecoming weeks in advance. PISCES feb. 19 - march 20 Guys will start buzzing around your hive and you will have one hanging on your every word. SNAG "EM NOW!!! WHAT TO DO Play with your hair Smile Sport your own style Stand with confidence Be open Good adittude Be Funny Smart Be Confident Be fun but down to earth WHAT NOT TO DO ( Don't Do These!) Bite your nails Stick out your chest Wear super tight clothes Stick out your butt Strip in front of him Burp loudly Walk around toppless Throw a pizza at his face. HOW TO KEEP HIM HOT FOR YOU Now you have him. How to keep it hot? 1. Talk to the boy 2. Be your self 3. Work that smile 4. Look at him 5. Be mysterious 6. Sweeten your breath 6 WAYS TO "SEAL" THE DEAL 1. Cook him dinner 2. Leave a love poem in his locker. 3. Visit him when he is sick. 4. Send him flowers. 5. Send him secret messages online. ( Check out Virtual Florist in the links) 6. Cover a mushy letter in lipstick kisses and slip it into his back pack. SUMMER GUIDE Mosquito Bites: How to De-Itch them. Coat with a paste made from unseasoned meat tenderizer and water. Leave on for about half an hour. Apply fresh papaya Moisten skin and dab on ordanary kitchen salt. Dab on a bit of toothpaste Bored?? Here are some ideas of what you can do: Make a website. Have a Co-Ed Sleep over. Have a HUGE party. Write plays and perform them with friends. Write a book or magazine. SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

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