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Legion of the Red Dragon
Lord HQ
"Live as one, and the whole will profit"

The last war raged among the realms, known as the "Great Destruction," ended with powerful vampires vanishing off of the face of the realms. The echo of humanity that survived left the howling winds and blood-stained dust to make their home in the Lands of Rhydin.

Half a century later, the concept of the "generation" is no more. Instead, guilds lead and rule the populace. Though the realms are making a rapid recovery through ruthless guild competition, social disorder resurfaces as disparities in wealth, terrorist outbreaks, and wars refuse to go away. The ruling guilds, seeking ever-greater power and wealth, refuse to let the strife go away.

It is a new world order, where lives are bought and sold in a twisted free market economy. But there are always exceptions to every rule....
LoRD---- mercenaries who take on any mission for a price, pledge allegiance to nothing and to no one and exist beyond the control of the guilds; we exist as a family. Hired to take out the competition, the LoRD take no sides and fight without regard to good or evil.

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Special Edition Application (has pictures)

Lord Slinker Hellfire's Story

LoRD History
Recruiting Inn

::He appears in front of you, a smile on his face::
Welcome, ... please make yourself at home... all is well in the realms...

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