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In Loving Memory Of Galen Medina

Galen Medina was one of my freinds and he was killed on April 13th 2001 due to reckless driving!! Here is the story of what happened on April 13th....

Galen was on his way home from track practice with his best friend Ryan Maloney and Ryan's father was driving the car. Also, in the backseat with Galen was this girl Jenny. Well, they were traveling along on 611 and they say someone they knew walking up the road from track to. So they turned around safely!! and while turning to get the kid in the car safely a truck smashed into the car. The truck was going 70 miles per hour and didnt even attempt to brake. Galen was thrown from the vechile, and he hit his head on the pavement. Ryan Maloney and his father and Galen were all rushed to St. Lukes hospital. Galen was put on life support due to the fact he was an organ donor. But it was to late for him....he had already gone brain dead. Our Galen was gone forever. Ryan suffered a concussion and was allowed home the next day. Ryans father only suffered minor cuts and bruises Jenny walked away with nothing. Galen's heart was donated to two lil kids on saturday. So at least we know someone got the great heart of Galen Medina.

Here's some background information about Galen:

* Galen was 17years old

* galen never got mad at anyone for anything no matter what u did to him

* he was a member of the swim team and track and feild

* He liked to wear lil girls bathing suits to practice

* We called him kaola bear cause he made this face lol thats made him look like one!

* His nickname was HappDog

* Galen was just a great guy all around!

If you knew galen you would love him as much as we do! WE are starting a foundation called the Galen Median Reckless Driving Awarness Foundation or for short GMRDAFlol...its to teach people the important of driving safely and carefully! Its not worth losing you friends over! Trust me its not east seeing your friend in a casket!!

If you would like to help get this foundation launched please email me at Thanx

Galen may you rest in peace hunnie!! I love you babe!