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Sent From Above

You're perfect in almost every way,

I just wish you were mine each and every day,

Your hair so blonde, your eyes so blue,

But why do you act the way you do?

You say you just want to be my friend,

But I will love you till the end,

My question to you is why can't you see,

That you are the ONLY one for me?

When I'm around you, I blush and get shy,

I feel so stupid, I just wish I knew why,

I love you so much, but again why can't you see,

How much your love would mean to me?

Some say in 2 years I won't love you still,

But I know in my heart I always will,

This friendship thing may work, I guess,

But if that's all we can be, please nothing less,

Some say I'm obsessed, I say I'm just in love,

I seem to be convinced that you're sent from above.

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