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This is a joint project between The Institute and Circle Square.

Welcome to Joyland Park! This is a fan fiction archive, yes, but it is no ordinary fan fiction archive! In Joyland Park, we house the most humorous fan fiction about the works of L.J. Smith.

Leo the Story-Eating Lion
In The Kill, Leo was a paper-eating lion. Since our Leo lives on the internet and not within the pages of paper-back books, he doesn't like paper. Our Leo would rather you send him e-mails filled with side-spliting stories!

The Golden Coin Depository
Win an award for your humorous fan fiction! If you win a coin, you will be admitted to our Hall of Fame the Insane and get a coin to put on your homepage! This is only open to members of Circle Square and The Institute.

An Ode to Hilarious, Corny, and Sometimes Annoying Poetry
Keller's mother wrote a very sad poem in the book, Witchlight. We don't want to read sad, depressing poems! We want to laugh so hard that our stomach muscles ache from the comedy of it. You may even find some corny limericks!

Sonnets de Fluffy
In Circle Square, their great leader, the dear departed Fluffy, is praised to the highest extent by the members. So we have may have a few Fluffy tributes here. We may even archive some anti-Tuna chants and anthems!

Heart of Humor
Here are comedies about Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor. There doesn't need to be many parodies about these books. Just read the parts about Elwyn Silverhair and you'll bust a gut or a move depending on your mood and level of sanity.

The Moody Vampire's Diaries
Yes, read some diary entries from none other than Damon, the infamous moodybrooding vampire boy! Wait, wasn't it Elena who wrote in a diary? Yes, Elena wrotein that strange blue velvet diary that she was obsessed with until it got stolen, and then it was some cheap thing! Oh well, just laugh when you see the word Laugh light up on the screen.

The Secret Insane Orangy Circle of Assassins
Yes, their nutty, fruity, orangy (hey, it went with all the words for crazy that sounded like food!), and they can kill by putting great big meat patties in your locker! Yes, it is the smell that will kill you! So if you're looking for a reason to laugh hysterically instead of the big purple clown that lives in your finger, you might want to look here!

The Forbidden Joyland Park
Yes, we forbid ourselves from existing! We don't exist! We don't, we don't, we don't! We can't have a cool humor fan fiction archive, because we outlaw ourselves from existing! So we are only a figment of your imagination! You could get in some serious trouble from imagining us into existence, you know that?

Underground Visions
Since we forbid ourselves from existing, we also created this comedy archive underground! Just don't tell us about it! We could report you and you could get into a lot of trouble. A lot is spelled A L-O-T.  Did you know that? That's how much trouble you could get into!

Night Club World
Welcome to our world! Night Club World is not a place, it's all around you, but only at night in cities that are large enough to have comedy clubs and comedians that are funny enough to care about and all that junk. Now, does the Night Club World surround you or do you live in a place to dull? Yeah, me too.

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