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Josh Foundations

  • Activities
  • History
  • Josh Ventures
  • Josh Missions
  • Josh Consulting
  • More Information
  • The Vision
  • Josh Family Inc


    1. To share the love of God with the children of God (in material things)
    2. To reach the unreached with Christís love.
    3. To pray salvation and healing for the lands we dwell in.
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  • Josh Ventures


    1. To see micro Christian businesses grow
    2. To support Christian Organisations to be up to date in Computer Technology.
    3. To educate Christianís at all levels.
    4. To increase local sources of funds for Godís work.
    5. To business grow and to help
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  • Josh Missions


    1. To go where the Lord sends us.
    2. Reach, preach and teach Godís word.
    3. Encourage leaders at all levels.
    4. Praying for villages, towns and cities Ė Prayer walking.
    5. Getting to know the wonderful world the Lord created and to awe at His creation.
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  • Josh Consulting


    1. It is a business venture set up to raise funds for Josh Foundations
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  • Josh Publications


    1. To spread Godís word via printed material, Internet and the spoken word.
    2. To encourage writers at all levels.
    3. Serving other ministries as a Printing/Publishing Consultant
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    Nigeria HQ would be in Plateau State Jos

    Josh Bible School

    Josh Intercessors Ė Now part of Josh Missions

    Ministerís Resort

    Faith Clinics

    Childrenís Ministry

    Josh Transport Ė Part of Josh Consulting

    Josh Translators Ė Part of Josh Publications

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  • History

    Started on the 21st of March 1986 at Obafemi Awolowo University Ife as Josh Writing Ministry

    God changed the direction of the Ministry in 1989 to reach Ministers

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  • The Vision

    The vision was to Minister in

    Osun State for 5 years - 1991

    The Nation for 5 Years Ė 1996 (Nation Changed in 1993 to the UK)

    Africa in the Tenth Year Ė From 1997 Went to Tanzania for the first Time

    God has now opened up Europe too. Went to Greece in 1999

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    The Ministryís

    First Article was Trust

    First Book was Highway of Holiness

    First Magazine Ark of the Covenant



    Ministerís Conference

    Intercessorís Conference

    Writerís Conference

    Magazine Production

    Book production

    Leaflet Production

    Setting up/ Assisting Publication Units in local churches


    Investment in People and Business


    Publishing Articles for others

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    Ark of the Covenant

    Ministerís Manna

    Church Manna


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  • Places Reached

    Ogun State, Delta State, Katsina State, Kaduna State, Lagos State, Osun State, Ondo State






    Friends of Josh

    Emmanuel House Ministries

    Mission Aviation Fellowship Tanzania

    Church of God Mission Katsina State - Pastor Donatus

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    This document was drawn up on the 13th of September 1999

    By Olusola Osinoiki