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God wants to restore the relationship He had with man.  This He did by giving His son Jesus as a means to an end - which is the new creation.  Basically, man needs God, for God without man is God but man without God is nothing.  Jesus paid the price for our return unto God.  On the cross of Calvary, Jesus suffered and died.  Jesus the very Son of God died that you might have life (John 10:10).

The question is are we living up to the standards of God for our lives?  Jesus Christ has redeemed us and chosen us that we might be examples of Him.   The reason why God sent His Son was to bring forth a new generation that would worship God in spirit and truth (Phil 3:3).  From the moment Jesus rose from the dead, he seated us in heavenly places.  All we have to do is to open up our hearts to Him for when we open up our hearts, he will come in and dwell in our hearts.  Many Christians have only given God a resident permit, and not the rights of a President.

Jesus is and ought to be our Lord and Saviour.  Jesus ought to be the beginning and end of our entire lives.  Thus though we live, we are slaves of righteousness unto God (ROM 6:22, 1 Cor 7:22, 1 Pet 2:16, Col 3:24) and we live only as Christ lives on the inside of us.  One of the greatest realities that we have as a new creature is the presence of the living God.  As a new creature in Christ Jesus, we are to live according to the word of God, which is the true norm and standard of God.  Beloved brethren, I am trying to show you Godís love towards you and reveal to you what ought to be your own love towards Him.  If we are new creatures in Christ, it is time we allow God to really be our Lord and Master, to who m we are faithful servants and unto whom all flesh shall one day come.  It is not enough for you to answer an altar call.  Show us who you are by the fruit you bear (John 15:1-7).  We were called to call, we were saved to save, we are in Christ and thus we are to stay in Him.

The greatest gain of a new creation is to live on earth as a complete image of Jesus Christ.  Always abiding in Him because Godís seed is in Him (1 John 5:18, 1 Pet 1:23, 1 John 3:9).  A new creation is given the ability to work in the vineyard of God, He is given an opportunity to sow the seed of righteousness, and he is able by God to use the talents given him to the glory of God.  These talents are given unto him that he might work the works of His father.  It is given unto him to eat the true bread of life - Godís word, with deep and satisfying understanding (John 4:26-36).  I want to encourage you as a new creature or creation to yield yourself totally and completely without reservation unto God.  Welcome to Godís family.  Remember there is no sitting on the fence.  Now that you are in, stay in.  2 Tim 2:19, Rom 12:12.

Olusola Osinoiki
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