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  • University of Regina, Second Year Computer Science, BSc.
  • University of Calgary, Calgary, AB., 1999-2000, 1rst Year Computer Science/General Studies
  • Martin Collegiate, Regina, Sask, 1995-1999, Grade 12 High School Diploma


  • 1999 Grad ** U of C Matriculation Award - $2000, TMC Scholarship - $800, Province of Saskatchewan General Proficiency Award - $400,  Special Staff Award, Special Involvement Award,  French Award
  • 1999 **  Academic on Curling Team Award, Composer Award, Supporting Role in Music Award, Member of Club One Award
  • 1998 ** Second Highest Average Award, Minor Activity Award, Grade 11 Honors, Supporting Role in Drama Award, Choral Commitment and Dedication Award, MVP Award for Badminton, Member of Club One Award
  • 1997 ** Grade 10 Honors, Minor Activity Award, Choral Commitment and Dedication Award
  • 1996 ** Grade 9 Honors, Second Highest Average, Perfect Attendance Award, Sportsmanship Award in Badminton,  Grade 9 Music Award


  • 1998 ** Gold in Provincials (girls)
  • 1999 ** Gold in Provincials (ladies), Silver in Cities (ladies)
  • 2000 ** Bronze in Nationals (boys), Gold in provincials (ladies)


  • 1998 City Badminton Finals, Bronze
  • 1995 City Track & Field, 3000m, Silver


  • Singing, play guitar, writting songs, swimming, badminton, juggling, sepak takraw, web page design, making movies


  • English
  • French




  • C++, Basic, Qbasic, HTML
  • Currently learning Java for this position


  • Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, NetObjects Fusion, Claris Webpage Maker
  • Macromedia Director, Sound Edit16, Adobe Illustartor, Learnign Flash by June2001
  • Microsoft Project, Corel Wordperfect, MS Word


  • Macintosh, Windows, UNIX



 Walmart Associate,   June 2000 - Present   Walmart North   Regina, Sask.

  • Photo Lab Cashier/ Technician
  • Cashier
  • Jewelery Customer Service Specialist

 Treasurer, 1998 - 1999  Martin Collegiate  Regina, Sask.

  • Counted out all money coming into the school through clubs and fundraising
  • Liaison between SRC and Treasury
  • Took care of all bills and requisitions coming through the school

 Part-time Canteen Worker, 1997 - 1998  Martin Collegiate  Regina, Sask.

  • Sold food before and after school
  • Prepared food for lunch in the morning
  • Cleaned up after school and cashed out for the day



1999 - present  - Moderator at GovTeen Online Forums, part of the GovTeen Online Safety Cartoon team for the summer of 2001

1998 - Went to Pasqua Hospital on Halloween and brought treat bags and juggled for the kids in the pediatric and intensive care wards

1995 - Worked at a Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic, worked a coat check for the Red Cross Annual Banquet


 Darryl Yano - Walmart Assistant Manager

 Work: (306) 543-3237     Home: (306) 789-9727

 Vernon Schmidt - Math Teacher/Curling Coach

 Work: (306) 791-8360  

 Laura Cox-Thibault - S.R.C Advisor/Teacher

 Work: (306) 791-8360

 David Luterbach - President, Technology Management Corporation

 Work: (306) 545-4344


Calgary 1999 - 2000

  • Calgary Youth Singers

High school

  • On SRC for 2 years and was secretary for 98/99 school year
  • Played Badminton for four years and won third in cities in 1998
  • Was involved in all the choirs (eg. Chamber choir, jazz choir…) and involved in all the Fall Musical Productions
  • Also was involved in curling, track and field, sepak takraw and basketball during my 4 years of high school
  • Part of the Martin Web Page group in 1999

Outside of High school

  • Played Sepak Takraw for 3 years and won several medals



 Web Page Design 

  • Have created my own web page as well as co-create the Aden Bowman       Reunion 2000 Web Page

 CD & Newsletter Design (QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop)

  • Have designed several CD covers, labels and booklets
  • Designer of an unofficial Hanson Newsletter (1996-1998)

 Cartoon Short

  • Created my own cartoon in 1999 using Macromedia Director

 Recent programs I've created in C++ for school include:

  •            - Calculating the date of Easter
  •            - Decimal to any Base Converter (up to base 32)
  •            - The Game of Life (a simulation game)
  •            - Maintaining Magazine Subscribers
  •            - Simple Encryption Program
  •            - Modification to Subscription Program (we had to modify the prof's code)
  •            - Simple Solitaire Game
  •            - Simple Basic Interpreter


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