Legoman's first plane ride

On his way to gate 4A, Legoman passed by a large window where he could see many of the planes at the airport. He wondered if one of them might be his plane.

Legoman found Gate 4A just as General Boarding was announced. He gave his ticket to the man at the desk who gave him his boarding pass ticket and let him head off to the plane. Legoman followed the long corridor to his plane. He slowly found his seat which was a window seat near the back of the plane. He felt a little nervous since it was his first actual plane ride.

One of the stewardesses sat beside him for the take-off and told him about Paris. This really calmed his nerves.

When the plane stopped rising and the stewardesses began giving out beverages, legoman unbuckled his seatbelt and looked out his window.

Being right in the clouds seemed so amazing to him. They also made him a little bit sleepy. He laid back in his comfy chair and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The Dream: He was in the middle of a city. A city made of tiny lego pieces. There was a street sign on the corner that read "Legoland Main st. & Duplo Ave." HE WAS IN LEGOLAND! He tried to talk to many of the people on the street but none of them seemed to hear him. He found city hall and tried to talk to the lady at the main desk but she just ignored him. "Why?" he wondered. He tried to sneak into a room marked "Records" but when he went throught he door, alarms went off everywhere. He was caught for sure. Oh No.... (end of dream)

Just then he woke up to a dinging noise and the stewardess came and told him to refasten his belt because they were hitting some turbulence. The plane started to shake and all he thought was, "I'm going to die!" He closed his eyes and prayed that he wouldn't die. Just then the plane landed and came to a stop. He opened his eyes and realized he wasn't going to die at all. He got his bag and headed off of the plane and onto French soil.