Notice for Lego Fanatics

A note to anyone offended that a Playmobile figure is named Legoman

I know what you're probably thinking. How dare she name a Playmobile figure Legoman. It's just not right! Well, there is a true story behind the naming of this adventurous character.

It started off on the day that I originally came up with the idea of the adventures of Legoman. The only thing missing was the main character. So I went upstairs and popped open our huge container of assorted lego pieces. I went through it an removed every lego person I could find. The thing that I wanted to portray about Legoman was that he was just an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy. The problem that I had was that all my authentic Lego people were either firefighters or construction workers. All I wanted was a plain clothesed character. I dug through the bin again to make sure I hadn't missed anyone and I found a couple of Playmobile characters I had thrown to the side. I didn't really have any plain Playmobile people either. I had a gardener and an esso station attendant. I thought my dream of bringing Legoman to life had come face to face with a brick wall. Then I noticed that my little sister had a little Lego house built and inside was a plain looking, unemployed toy playmobile man. I knew it wasn't real Lego but I didn't care. It was the only normal looking toy I could find.

So, I named him Legoman. I figured that since he was Playmobile and not Lego, the main focus of his adventures would be for him to try and find out why he's named Legoman and what happened to his "parents". I can tell you people who have a big problem with this, that Legoman knows he's different and he just wants to fit in. I'd suggest following his adventures to see if he ever finds out that he's not really Lego.

If you're still ticked and think this whole page should just not be up because it's false advertising, I have one piece of advice for you.


Enjoy the adventure...

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