Legoman Leaves Home

Legoman Leaves Home

One day, Legoman was looking through some boxes in his attic when he found a small, wooden box. He opened it up and to his surprise, it was a box of things for him from his parents. Inside was some family photos, a few small collector spoons, a sealed envelope and many other things. Legoman looked at some of the family pictures. He remembered a few of the wonderful trips they had taken.

He opened the envelope and inside was a note from his parents and a huge wad of cash. He read the note out loud to himself.


Dear son,

If you are reading this, you are probably on your own now. I'm sure you are wondering about your past and how you came to be. If you haven't already noticed, you look quite different from your mother and me. This is because you were adopted. Don't be too shocked and don't think that because you aren't our biological son that we never loved you. You were loved more than anyone in the world. I would like to tell you all about your REAL parents or where you REALLY came from, but I can't. All they told us at the orphanage is that you were born somewhere called "PlayCity". I'm not even quite sure where it is. But, if at any point in your life you feel restless and want to find "PlayCity", we encourage you to do so. That is why I have enclosed a large sum of money in this envelope. It is to be used for your travels. We wish you all the luck for the future and we also wish we could be there with you. Also, if you come to a dead end, I suggest going on a search to "LegoLand". This is where you were adopted. They may have records for you. Good Luck and we will always love you.

Dad & Mom


Legoman couldn't believe what he'd just read. He was adopted? How could that be. His name was Legoman therefore he had always thought that he was Lego. This was too much for him to take in, so he decided to go on the search for LegoLand and find out if he was truly made out of Lego or not.

A day later he was all packed up and ready to leave. He said good-bye to all of his friends and made sure all his affairs were in order. The thing that he didn't want to leave most was his hamster, Mark.

He left Mark with Mr. Peters the neigbour. Legoman put on his backpack and left his house. Before he turned the corner of the street he took one last look at his home. He wondered if he'd ever see his it again.