Legoman Crosses the Interstate


Legoman travelled for a long time. Slowly he began to hear rumbling noises. The only thing he knew of that made loud rumbling noices was an abundance of vehicles. He guessed that he had come to the Great Interstate Highway. Unsure of how to cross it, he decided to take it one lane at a time.

Legoman was amazed at the amount of traffic he was encountering. Back at home they had a slow, pathetic looking car. All these vehicles seemed so amazing to him. The first two lanes seemed almost impossible to cross but he continued right on his way.

He noticed a family drive by him as he crossed his third lane. He took a second look at the car and then noticed that there wasn't a family in the car but three men. To him, it looked like the driver was sleeping at the wheel. They seemed to be driving straight so Legoman kept on going.

As Legoman crossed the fourth lane, he almost got hit by a bright green delivery truck. It reminded him of the truck that Hank the pig farmer drove.

The fifth lane was the easiest to cross so far because it was the bicycle lane. The cyclers were pedaling darn fast, but Legoman was able to maneuver around them. He began wondering if someone might be willing to give a lonely Legoman a free ride. He decided to see if hitch hiking might work for him. He then realized that the next lane seemed to be a double lane so he just ran right through.

Legoman leaped for safety as an out-of-control school bus almost turned him into plastic pieces. He wondered how anyone so careless would be given the job of driving around a bunch of little kids. Then he remembered how Barnaby the City Bus Driver once told him you'd have to be nuts to want to drive a school bus. Legoman stood up and dusted himself off. He put his thumb up hoping that his little hitch hiking idea might work.

Legoman was shocked at the crash he had just seen. He had no idea why a police would be chasing a scooter down the interstate. He decided it would be best if he tried catching a ride in the next lane since the police were already starting to close of the accident stricken lane.

Amazed that any car would even stop for him, he almost forgot to get in what appeared to be an orange car labelled "Yellow Cab". The driver seemed more than willing to offer Legoman a ride and Legoman even had company in the backseat. Crossing the interstate didn't seem like too big of a problem but now that Legoman had a ride, he had to decide where he needed to go.