Legoman and the Cabby

Legoman Gets Hassled By The Cabby

"Where to?" asked the cab driver. Legoman thought for a bit and then answered, "Umm... How about LegoLand. Do you know where that is?"

"LegoLand? Never heard of it. It ain't in the local limits I suppose. Anywhere else?" replied the cab driver.

"Where could I find out how to find LegoLand?" asked Legoman. The cabdriver thought for a bit and then replied, "I dunno. Maybe try the airport or the train station."

"Then could I get a ride to the airport, please?" asked Legoman.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever," grumbled the cab driver. The cab driver let the other guy in the taxi off and headed off towards the airport. Legoman didn't like all the silence so he tried to make friendly conversation with the driver but all the driver answered with were insults and curses.



When they got to the airport the cabbie said, "That'll be $25.50." Legoman didn't know what the driver was talking about. Wasn't he hitchhiking?

"I have to pay you? But I was hitchhiking," replied Legoman.

"Then next time don't accept a ride from a taxi. Now, I need my $25.50 or I'll report you," threatened the driver. Legoman didn't want to cause a commotion so he paid the driver and got out. How could he have made such a mistake? Well, he walked into the airport and wondered what he should do next.