Legoman at the Airport

Legoman walked into the airport and was totally amazed. There were so many people running around and he had no idea where to start. He walked around in circles until he noticed a sign that read "Ticket bookings and Travel information." He went up to the lady behind the counter and asked,

"Excuse me. Would you be able to tell me how I could get to Legoland?"

"Legoland?" she repeated, "Umm... let me run it through my computer. It doesn't look like we have any flights scheduled for Legoland but if you want you could book a flight for somewhere else. There is a list of departure times behind me if you'd like to go somewhere else." Legoman studied the departure list for a while.

Legoman looked at all the places he could go. He was so unsure of where he wanted to go or where might even be close to Legoland. He decided to decide by what time the clock said. He looked at the huge clock beside the list and it read,

Legoman looked at the lady and said, "One ticket to Paris, France, please!" The lady printed up his ticket, he paid her and headed off to gate 4A where his plane awaited him.