Hey, do you like dumb stuff as much as I do? Well, then this is the page for you. I have many articles and pictures that I have found that I think are so funny. They're dumb yet funny, hence the title. So enjoy reading and maybe if you're lucky, you may find some dumb stuff that makes you laugh and you can add it to this page. Dumb is always welcome. Like everyone should know by now, last September my dad went to alaska and hid all my dumb stuff on me. But I have it all now. If you're interested in seeing where my dad went, check out the Juneau, Alaska homepage link at the bottom of this page. Enjoy the Dumbness!!!!

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Here are some random dumb quotes. Laugh as hard as you want!!

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Here are two of many articles I have found in the paper. The headline draws me in then, as I realize how dumb some people are, I laugh. HAVE FUN!


Where my dad was...

Juneau, Alaska - The Capitol City Homepage

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