According to the Band

According to the Band ...

What does Hokus Pick Mean?


"Hokus Pick" is an old expression of surprise that we

picked up through the Canadian bible college circuit. 


How would you use this expression? 


example #1 If you were to open up a gift on Christmas morning and it was

exactly what you wanted, you'd say "Hokus Pick! It's just what I wanted!".


example #2 If you left a carton of milk in your fridge for five months and then

opened it, you'd say "Hokus Pick!  That smells bad!".


example #3 If you went for a walk by the ocean and saw a whale the size of

the Love Boat, you'd say "Hokus Pick!  That's a big whale!".


example #4 If you went to a Hokus Pick concert and really liked the music

and had a great time, you'd say "Hokus Pick!  That was a fun concert!".


Q. Do I have to like Hokus Pick in order to used this expression?

A. No, anyone can used this expression, although we would be happier if you

actually liked the band.