Stuff About Me

My name is Jasmine Kulbida and I've just started my first year at the University of Calgary. I'm majoring in computer science. I've always been involved in a whole bunch of stuff including SRC, Music & Drama and Badminton. I've made this web page mainly for fun and because I like to put up some cool stuff that other people might enjoy or laugh at. I hope you like my website and let me know it!

This is a computer drawing of my little sister, Elizabeth, who is 5 years old. She likes to get mail so if you want to say hi to her send it through me. She really is super cute.

Here is a picture of my grandpa with Colonel Saunders from KFC. He's the one on the right in the white clothes. The story is, when the Colonel came to Saskatoon, my grandpa made him a birthday cake. Of course, this happened quite a while ago. But it's still a pretty cool picture.

My High School

Martin Collegiate Homepage