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Ivanova & Talia Story Page


Part 10 of ToaW has finally been added on My Fanfic Page.
Read it on your own risk. . .
I haven't consulted with my dear Beta readers as I wanted to get it up in a flash.
I'll see if they'll have time to correct it for me soon.
You are the best, guys! *hugs*

Have fun!


This just hasn't been my week. . .

Yes, this page does look strange today. This is the result when you get disconnected while trying to update your Web page. You lose EVERYTHING. (insert free choice of censored swear words here)
No, I didn't save a copy of my HTML codes before making changes. STUPID! Yes, I agree. Maybe I have it on a diskette somewhere but tonight I've just about had it with the Evil Boot God. I'm going to bed. Sweet dreams to all of you.

I'll try to fix this ASAP. Promise. Meanwhile here are the links to my other pages:

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