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Past and Present Partners

Julie Laporte

David's first partner. He won the novice and junior titles with Julie. Two days prior ot the 1998 Canadian Championships, Julie and two of her students were travelling from Quebec to Hamilton, Ontario by car when they hit black ice. The car went out of control and all occupents were killed.

Allison Gaylor

Skated with John Robinson and placed 8th at the 1991 Junior Worlds before teaming up with David Pelletier in the Summer of 1994. In thier first competition together Allison and David placed 2nd. It was the 1995 Canadian Championships.

Caroline Roy

She was 16 years old when she auditioned with David. They skated at the 1998 Canadians and placed 6th. I thought that they had potential but something was missing. David decided that he would quit after the Canadians if he could not find a new partner. He found a new partner --- Jamie Salé. It was their only competition together.

Jason Turner

Right now Jason Turner is coaching. Though in 1995 he did compete at the National Championships with Andrea Bolla. They placed 10th. After that he went to coach. Jason Turner was coaching in Ontario at the York Region Skating Acadamy (YRSA) skating club.

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