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The Eagle One News Team produces a TV news program twice a week. The news broadcast is shown toover 650 students and teachers at the school. The system which transmits the show was provided by the StateDepartment of Education. The 1997-1998 school year was the first year Pageland Middle School had anewsteam. The name "Eagle One News" was the idea for the name of the show by its four original anchors.Advisor Barbara Leaird stated, " Working with the Eagle One News gives me the opportunity to work withthe other end of "exceptionality" in students. These students are creative and very enthusiastic. They come toschool early and stay late, when needed. They run the video camera, look up facts from all kinds of sourcesand set up the formats on the computer. I think this is a great experience for these students to show off theirtalents in such a technological and communicative way." The news crew consists of Brittany Huntley, QuentinTyson, Ashley Deason, Hayley Brock, Kenny Riddle, LaTosha Blakney, Sacha Brock, and Darron Kirkley.

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