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Indicate the Doug and Carol episodes that I think are exceptional.


(Carol is talking to Shep and Raul; Doug is watching her) Carol: What? Doug: Nothing. Carol: It's not like that. Doug: I didn't say a thing....So Nurse Hathaway what are you doing tonight? Carol: Oh, I thought maybe I'd rent a movie. Make some popcorn. Doug: Maybe I'll bring a pizza. Carol: I don't remember inviting you. Doug: No you didn't, I invited myself.


( Running to an ambulance) Doug: Agh, we got another one. ( He sees Shep helping Carol out of the ambulance) Shep: So I'll pick you up I guess at 8:00. Carol: OK ( Doug looks at them, then looks at the ground) --- Conni: Thought you finished your ride along? Carol: I did. Conni: Oh. Carol: We were just going shopping, Shep has to cook for the station tomorrow. Doug: Shep, his name is Shep? Conni: The man cooks too. Doug: I almost had a dog named Shep. Carol: They all cook. Conni: A duel function gentleman. Lydia: Hard to resist. Doug: ( singing like Elvis) " Not a bad little shepard or pup..over the hill and meadowling roam..." Susan: ( To Doug sarcastically) A little more curl to the left.


( Carol watches as Bernstein chastises Doug) Bernstein: I will no longer take responsibility for you.You harass my clinc. You harass my residents. You delibrately defy my orders. Now your pediactric fellowship is up as of December 31st. Well let this service notice, you will not be renewed. You out of here! ( Doug looks directly at Carol who is disturbed by this, then he looks down) --- Carol: Hey Doug, you ok? Doug: Yeah, I'm fine. Carol: You want to talk? Doug: Well I'd love to, but I have sniffles and a cough in seven and I have bedwetting in six. ( Carol watches as Doug walks away) --- ( Doug's staring blankly at x-rays) Carol: Doug. Doug: Hey Carol, what's going on? Carol: Nice try but the films upside down. You OK? Doug: Well generally this has not been a good day. Specifically this has not been a good day. Although I'll tell you something, me yelling at Bernstein, for about 5 minutes there I felt completely liberated. Carol: And now? Doug: And now I've been here for a few years. It's the biggest commitment that I've evr made to anything or anybody. Um...well.....time to move on. Jerry:( opens the door) Carol, Shep's on the phone. Doug: Speaking of moving on. Carol: Call me if you want to talk. Coug: OK. ( Scene closes with Doug staring at the film, but he is looking through them.)


Doug: (On the phone) O.K. at 7:00...What? You look beautiful in whatever you wear......I love you too, bye. Carol: (Looking amazed) You have personal obligations?


Carol: Doug, your dad's called three times since last night. If you don't call him back he's gonna keep bugging us. Doug: I don't have anything I want to say to him. Carol: Well, his numbers right there. He's staying at the hotel De Puis. Doug: One step away from a refrigerator box. --- Carol: Doug, Doug...What the hell are you doing? Doug: My job. Carol: Look, the last time this guy was in here he was "circling the drain??", he was trying. Doug: People don't change Carol. Carol: Sure they do.....If you want to beat up on a father, call your own....This guys doing the best he can. Alright? Doug: ( Looking down)
A huge thanks to Ina for these pictures!!